Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

I have a king-size bed.
Despite the fact that my husband and I have moved from occupying an entire floor in our two-story home to a room with one closet (filled with my husband's clothes), which fits only our two dressers and a laundry basket, we upgraded to the King.

I have to give my husband credit for not only finding a great deal, but for picking up the mattress himself. I also have to thank my brother, who came by to move a TV (granted a giant TV), but who also got roped into moving a giant mattress up a very narrow flight of stairs.

Let's just say that the moving and maneuvering took a while to get completed. My husband was a little sweaty and a bit bruised after dropping the frame onto his forearm. We had to corral the Ladies in a very small space to prevent anyone getting crushed by either the mattress, the bed spring or the piles of plastic used to contain these enormities. But once those new sheets went on and I was able to feel the mattress beneath me. . . I was a changed woman.

First of all, I never realized how totally uncomfortable the old mattress was. I don't know how I survived two pregnancies sleeping on that mattress--no wonder my back was so f'd up. Second of all, hello space! Hello not feeling every toss and turn by my husband, hello rolling over and having more real estate. Hello you plush, firm cocoon of comfort. I love you. I know we just met, but really--I love you. I will whisper sweet nothings into your warm embrace at night. I will treat you right.

I am so enthralled. No worries that I don't have a bed skirt yet for this bed. No worries, that even though our comforter is a king that it is stuffed into a queen sized duvet cover. No worries that the Little Lady woke up at 2 am, then again at 5:45 am, where she joined us on our inaugural night, smack dab in the middle of the bed with room for all three of us to roll, until she too was woken up by the sounds of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" being sung repeatedly over the monitor by the Lady.

Oh King-sized mattress I will christen you Lionel because you are smooth, cool and make me exclaim "Hello, is it me you're looking for?" coupled closely by "Oh, What a feeling, when we're dancing on the ceiling.