Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Biggest Loser Update

So, I tried to watch as much of the Biggest Loser as I could on Tuesday. Luckily for me, they do repeat so much information. The Lady hasn't been going right to bed and her 8:15-8:30 bedtime has been pushed back since we have been on vacation, but by 9:08 she was out and I was able to enjoy the last hour or so in quiet.

Not much to report, the big event was that the teams got locked out of the gym, but with Bob and Jillian still working everyone out, it didn't seem like that big of an advantage. I will say I was glad to see that Bob acknowledged that Ron belonged in the pool, luckily we were spared any coverage of that!

Tara, is starting to really grind my gears. She is getting a little whiny and kind of annoying. I was glad to see that Laura actually stepped it up this week and dropped more weight then her. I understand Tara's focus and the fact that she is a big threat in the house, but less crying, whining by her will make a better show.

Also glad to see a more verbal Dane. Who knew he had so much to say!

The elimination wasn't that dramatic for me, I really like Helen but Shanon is kind of babyish and she doesn't work as hard as she should. I think she saw leaving the show as a way to not have to put in the effort. She does look good and I applaud her on her Roller Derby career choice. However she was busted after she returned home. Here is the link to that article. Maybe the Roller Derby made her a bit more aggressive then necessary.

As usual my blue boys posted big numbers. Sione is kicking some serious ass. Until next week when it looks like they split the remaining contestants into individual teams. Should be some drama. I saw Bob crying on the promo!

The Lady Goes First Class

We have been in Florida now for the past three days and this is the first opportunity I have had to get onto the computer. The Lady fell asleep on our morning walk and is now squeezed underneath a counter in the tiny business room I am using to access my e-mail. I didn't want to lug my computer along and the thought that I might be able to use my husbands computer went right out the door the minute that he left us on Monday afternoon, not to be seen again until quarter to one the following morning.

The Lady has been living it up here at the Ritz-Carleton Golf Resort. She started her trip with a very early 3:30 am wake up call for a 6 am flight out of LaGuardia. In order for us to travel anywhere these days we have to take advantage of all the miles my hubby has accrued over the past few years. With these miles we got an upgrade and the Lady was able to fly first class. Yes, the Lady at almost 17 months flew first class, did I mention this was the first time I ever flew first class? So there we were, the Lady in her monkey pjs and me in my Giants sweatshirt ready for the star treatment.

First Class on a 757, 3 hour flight to Miami isn't much different from coach, except you get one of those hot towels and some breakfast. The seats are definitely bigger, which helped considering that I had a 30lb baby sitting on my lap. I was lucky in the sense that the man sitting next to me, didn't seem to mind too much that he had to sit next to a small child, although he did keep reaching for his travel Bible tucked into the back of the seat in front of him--perhaps looking for a bit of patience? Anyway, the Lady was super good. She passed out right after take off but that only lasted for about 35-40 minutes until the flight attendant came with our pancakes. First Class or not, have you ever tried to eat off those airline trays with another person sitting on your lap? Not easy, especially if they keep trying to spear the cantaloupe with a knife.

Needless to say after breakfast there was no more sleep for the Lady, but we made do with an Elmo video and some coloring. When we finally touched down in Miami and met up with my husband we were ready for some serious sun. Did I mention that my husband never popped up to see us at all, even though he was sitting in the first row of coach? Why is that Bean you ask? Oh, he was passed out the entire time. At least one of us got some sleep.

So here we are living the hotel lifestyle and I am once again forced to realize that I really don't have any appropriate clothing for situations like this. I have moved into maternity because the jeans aren't really fitting and I am trying to pass off the thick layer of fat around my midsection as my "bump." The Lady however has a ton of new spring/summer wear that is super cute.

I am also walking around the Ritz Carleton with three giant acne cysts on my face. I did attempt to purchase a new foundation from Maybelline called Dream Mousse at three different CVS's in two states but apparently there are so many other pale animals out there who are wearing Light Porcelain that I am out of luck. My only saving grace is that everyone is looking at the Lady and saying how cute she is. I am hoping they aren't even seeing me at all!

My husband is out of the room by 5:30 every morning and although he pops in for a minute or two around bedtime he usually isn't back until after the Lady and I have already called it a day. I guess I am lucky that I am here in the sunshine of Florida instead of stuck in the snow in Connecticut. It is a little trying having to figure out what to do all day. The pool is great but only for a while and it leaves me no time for me or for me to hang out alone in the sun! I am also still stuck cleaning out sippy cups and snack cups in a hotel sink. Fun stuff.

The money saving mom in me is also a wee bit in sticker shock. Since this isn't my husband's account that he is travelling for, I really can't justify spending $30 per meal for me and the Lady. We made a trip to the supermarket for some fruit and yogurt, but the other day I spent $12.95 on a kids menu grilled cheese sandwich for her, of which she ate one piece and instead comprised her meal of ice chips and the potato chips they put out on every table. UGH. If I only had the money to live this lifestyle! Manicures and massages, nannies and nightlife. Oh well, maybe some day.

Tomorrow we are trying out the Naples Zoo. I am not a fan of zoo's in general and was once left by my parents at the reptile house at the Bronx Zoo. When they came back for me, they found me sitting with the guards, who were laughing because after they asked my name I told them "Mary Jane, ask me again and I'll tell you the same." It isn't that I have bad memories associated with the zoo because of that, it is just that animals smell and zoos are always hot, but the Lady likes animals and tomorrow is supposed to be cool (high only 69) so we are going to check it out. I will let you know how it goes.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone has a great day. We aren't doing anything special at all, but I probably will eat about 15 mini Twix bars through the course of the day.

Happy! Happy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunny Days. . .

This morning I woke up singing a song from Sesame Street so it was perfectly appropriate that the sky was sunny and the weather here is kind of warm.

The Lady and I got out the jog stroller from the back of the garage and headed out on a long walk. I can't tell you how much better I feel today then I have for the past few weeks. Just walking outside for a few minutes helps. Now I know it is going to probably snow here again on Saturday night, but I can manage because come Monday morning we are on a plane headed to South Florida.

The Lady and I are tagging along on my hubby's trip and hopefully we can spend most of our day at the pool. The Lady has two new suits as well as a few adorably cute outfits we picked up while shopping with the Wild Man the other day. I can't wait to see her in all her new stuff.

I however have nothing to wear. Oh, I feel like I am right back where I was when I started blogging in September. All my clothes are getting tight again. Granted I know that there is a baby in there getting bigger by the day, and although I am not quite ready to dig through the garage for my maternity clothes I think I am going to have to go there sooner rather than later.

The boob situation alone is getting fairly out of control. Also, my lower back feels like there is a 30lb anvil situated on the tail bone. This happened the first time around when I was pregnant with the Lady and it didn't go away until after she exited the vag. Not to mention the fact that you can't really use anything to combat your adult acne during pregnancy. I am using the Beaute de Maman that my ob/gyn developed and it is doing a fair job at keeping some of the pimples down, but today the Lady touched one on my face and said "Owie." I pray she never knows the real pain of adult acne. If she could get one thing from my husband I hope it is his skin.

My plan is to buy a ton of maxi-dresses and sun dresses and just wear those from the first day it hits 60 degrees until the first week of August. Until then I am still squeezing into the jeans and unfortunately the sweatpants and hoodies have become a large part of my wardrobe again. I do plan to start walking a bit more and I am hoping that if I am consistent with it that I can start training a lot sooner for next year's Turkey Trot.

The Biggest Loser Updates

Not too much drama on last nights show. Now that Joelle is out it seems like everyone is just trying to lose the weight.

I was glad to see Purple win the challenge, especially since their numbers on the scale were awful.

I do think that this season does lack some fiery personalities so it is hard to really root against anyone right now. Dare I say I miss Vicky and her conniving, bitchy ways? I am getting a little tired of the Yellow team always crying, and Tara is starting to grate on my nerves a little bit. I applaud her work ethic but she always has something to say and sometimes I wish she would just zip it.

I was sad to see Blaine go, but I wasn't surprised he volunteered himself. I was also glad to see the results he has gotten at home and I am sure his wife was super psyched that he was home.

Blue team had another big week and those guys are my favorites so far. I want to see the Brown team do well, but I think it is unfair to put all that pressure on Mike. Aren't there some low impact exercises that Ron can do that put limited strain on his knees? I mean I don't even see him wearing a knee brace and they have that huge pool, that guy should be out there everyday swimming laps like a pre-pot smoking Michael Phelps.

Now that they are getting down to individual play it will be interesting how the rest of the season plays out. There are still a lot of people out there who have so much weight to lose. I think half of them are still above 300 or just broke that barrier.

Until next week when the contestants get locked out of the gym for a week. Hopefully, this won't be a Grand Canyon revisitied where everyone just sat around and for God Sakes Ron--get those breasts in the pool.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Note to Self

The Lady is too little to have a cherry flavored, heart shaped Valentine lollipop. Perhaps we need an early bath.


There has been a ton of happenings in the world of entertainment in the past few days. The Grammy's showcased music's best performers. Was anybody else disappointed with the new U2 song? I think the performance just didn't feel as energetic and frenetic as I think it was supposed to. I will however be downloading the album when it comes out in March.

I also thought Coldplay didn't do that great of a job, although I did like the opening part with Chris Martin and Jay-Z. However, that song has been overplayed so much this past year, I guess the recorded version is ingrained in my head.

I was psyched to see Radiohead, loved the T.I./JT collaboration and also the Kanye/Estelle performance of American Boy, but as it turns out Kanye is very disturbed by the Chris Brown/Rhianna drama that has unfolded in the last few days.

Let's just say right here, right now, there is no place in this world for domestic violence. What I don't understand is what those two could have possibly been fighting about that would lead to such a quick escalation of violence. I mean they are 19 and 20 years old. Disturbia indeed.

So, just read some breaking news on US No, I don't check their site every day, they just so happen to send me e-mail updates daily. A quick recap: Chris Brown and Rhianna, Grammy Fashion, Kanye "completley devestated", Jessica is still battling the bulge and George and Izzy are leaving Grey's.

Yup, you heard it here apparently they are both leaving Seattle Grace for bigger and better things. I almost forgot George was on the show, until he popped in for three lines last week in that painful two hour crossover special I had to watch and will apparently have to watch again this week. Can we just get it straight--Private Practice is not good and everyone on that show is whinier then Meredith ever was. I guarantee you that Derrick saves the guy from Melrose and everyone lives happily ever after.

Hollywood thank you for taking the time to make my day.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Mom's Club

I just want everyone to know that I stepped out of the comfort zone and tried again to meet new moms. On Monday the Lady and I went to a meet and greet for new members of the Mom's Group. The Lady and I and one other mom were the only new members who showed up, but I did meet three other moms and they were all nice to me. The kids played pretty well together, except the Lady tried to push a girl for the dog toy but she loves dogs and that other girl was being a tiny bit selfish--I mean just because they were here toys doesn't mean she can't share with the Lady.

On Tuesday, I joined one of the mom's I met for a playdate at her house. It went pretty well and I did feel welcome. It was kind of intimidating because I was the only one there who didn't know somebody else and I was also the only one there who wasn't from the UK or Ireland or married to someone from the UK or Ireland. It was an interesting dynamic, but let me tell you those women were much more welcoming to me then the ones I met at the other playgroup. I think the Lady and I will try to make it there again next week. I will admit to her running around the kitchen and covering herself with the chalk she found on the easel but all and all she was pretty good.

Today we had a playdate with my best friend, her twins and another friend of ours and her daughter. It is so much more relaxing when you are surrounded by people you know. I think that I am making the right decision for me and for the Lady to get out and meet new people, but there is nothing like hanging out with people you know, love and trust and who know and love you and your kids.

I am still navigating the whole world of being a stay-at-home-mom or SAHM as it is so frequently seen across the web (and yes, I will admit it took me a while to figure out what it stood for!) and I will admit to freaking out last week when I saw all these posts about signing your kids up for a 2's group in the fall. I had no idea that I was supposed to sign my kid up for a 2's group and now apparently they are all booked and my poor daughter will never get the early education she is so surly lacking. . . and to think I am going to do this all over again come August. Yikes.

The Biggest Loser

Is Joelle mentally ill? I am not kidding and I don't think mental illness is a joke. What type of person is so deeply in denial about what is going on around her? What a bizarre situation that was last night.

I feel badly for Carla, but I wonder how close she and Joelle were before the show that their friendship couldn't weather that big, big, big storm. What an awkward encounter at the end of the show. I think that the right decision was made in sending silver home and I am glad to see that both contestants are continuing to lose weight, but I am seriously suggesting some quality couch time for Joelle. I mean I know we could all stand a little psychiatric evaluation every now and then but this lady has some serious issues.

I was sorry to see brown below the line again this week. Those two still have so much to lose. I still cannot get over the crazy combination of flesh that hangs off the body of Ron, but he is older and he does have some physical limitations-- how about getting in the pool Ron?--but for our sake maybe wear a t-shirt.

The blue guys are my boys. Glad to see Sione got immunity this week, he deserved it. That Tongan twosome is fun to watch. I was also glad to see that the women are dropping big numbers, with only four guys left on the show we could have another woman BL and lord knows some of those ladies need to still drop a few hundred lbs. . .

My favorite part of last night was when Bob told Shanon that she had to carry Sione on her back across the gym. When she turned to him and said, "but he is so sweaty," I nearly lost it. Could you imagine carrying a 300lb sweat covered Tongan man on your back? (Hey--maybe you can--to each his own) But seriously that was crazy.

More next week.

Happy Birthday Kristen!

I just wanted to wish Kristen a very happy birthday. Thank you so much for reading this blog and for commenting and for being such a great friend.

Hope you have a great day. Love you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Eff You Punxsutawney Phil

Today is Groundhog Day and that little effing rodent saw his shadow. You know what that means right? 6 more weeks of the hell that has forced me inside with no other options but to stuff my face with carbohydrates and wear sweatpants. Why Punxsutawney Phil? Why?

The worst part about it is that yesterday and today actually got into the 50's here. There is sun shining and it feels a little warm. It is the biggest tease ever because tomorrow it is going to drop thirty degrees and possibly snow again. UGH.

Lately my life has been mirroring Groundhog Day the movie, where every day seems painfully the same, except that I don't do quite as well at Jeopardy. Oh Phil, why couldn't you give a girl a break and at least lie about whole shadow thing? Give me a bit of hope that someday soon my flippies will be out and the sun will warm and tan this pale, pasty body.

Normally, I don't spend my days cursing small animals, but today all I can say is "Go eff yourself Punxsutawney Phil, go crawl back into that burrow you wretched little rodent so we can all get on with snowpants and shovels, with tracking sand and gravel through the house on our shoes, with hearty soups and sunless days, you mother-effing rat."

Super Hangover?

Anybody out there nursing a little bit of a headache today? Congrats to all you Steeler fans, it was a great game. I will admit to being a bit distracted while watching. My husband took the Lady over to my brother's house, so yes we did actually go out, so that I could finish up some work here. I will not bore you with the drama that is my computer situation at this point, but lets just say I am having daydreams of that scene in Office Space where they take a bat to the copy machine.

Anyway, I missed the first couple of commercials on the ride over and chasing the Lady around so she doesn't put her fingers in any sockets or break anything doesn't lend itself to a Zen like focus on the game. I will say I was disappointed. Nothing really grabbed me as something "super" memorable.

The Conan bit was funny, there were too many horse commercials and car commercials in general are not only all the same but all super boring, so I didn't come away really in awe of any one commercical. You can check them all out on or one of the thousands of websites picking these things apart today. I understand that advertisers didn't want to go totally overboard in this economy but from my very limited understanding of marketing isn't that what you are supposed to do when times are tough? Aren't you supposed to wow us so that we buy your product above your competitor? I mean I know that the ad space cost 3 million dollars each but come on.

In summary, the terrible towel prevailed in a really good game but the commercials kind of sucked!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday

So last year I was totally excited for the Super Bowl, not only was my team in the big game but the Lady was still small enough to travel well and fall asleep on a queen bed in someone elses house.

This year we will be watching from home. I am not taking her anywhere due to the fact that she gets into everything has a tendency to find the most fragile thing in the room and proceed to play with it.

I haven't decided who to root for yet. I know my friend Bill will be whipping out the terrible towel and apparently the terrible cake, but I always love the underdog--case in point last year's amazing win by the Giants, so it will be a game time decision. There is also the very real possibility that I will be in bed before the game ends, although I do want to see the Office episode after the game, but that is where the magic of Tivo comes in.

To all of you celebrating and watching tonight, don't eat too many chips and remember that now that the football season is over we only have six short months before fantasy football starts up again. It is so nice to have something to look forward to!