Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Lady Goes First Class

We have been in Florida now for the past three days and this is the first opportunity I have had to get onto the computer. The Lady fell asleep on our morning walk and is now squeezed underneath a counter in the tiny business room I am using to access my e-mail. I didn't want to lug my computer along and the thought that I might be able to use my husbands computer went right out the door the minute that he left us on Monday afternoon, not to be seen again until quarter to one the following morning.

The Lady has been living it up here at the Ritz-Carleton Golf Resort. She started her trip with a very early 3:30 am wake up call for a 6 am flight out of LaGuardia. In order for us to travel anywhere these days we have to take advantage of all the miles my hubby has accrued over the past few years. With these miles we got an upgrade and the Lady was able to fly first class. Yes, the Lady at almost 17 months flew first class, did I mention this was the first time I ever flew first class? So there we were, the Lady in her monkey pjs and me in my Giants sweatshirt ready for the star treatment.

First Class on a 757, 3 hour flight to Miami isn't much different from coach, except you get one of those hot towels and some breakfast. The seats are definitely bigger, which helped considering that I had a 30lb baby sitting on my lap. I was lucky in the sense that the man sitting next to me, didn't seem to mind too much that he had to sit next to a small child, although he did keep reaching for his travel Bible tucked into the back of the seat in front of him--perhaps looking for a bit of patience? Anyway, the Lady was super good. She passed out right after take off but that only lasted for about 35-40 minutes until the flight attendant came with our pancakes. First Class or not, have you ever tried to eat off those airline trays with another person sitting on your lap? Not easy, especially if they keep trying to spear the cantaloupe with a knife.

Needless to say after breakfast there was no more sleep for the Lady, but we made do with an Elmo video and some coloring. When we finally touched down in Miami and met up with my husband we were ready for some serious sun. Did I mention that my husband never popped up to see us at all, even though he was sitting in the first row of coach? Why is that Bean you ask? Oh, he was passed out the entire time. At least one of us got some sleep.

So here we are living the hotel lifestyle and I am once again forced to realize that I really don't have any appropriate clothing for situations like this. I have moved into maternity because the jeans aren't really fitting and I am trying to pass off the thick layer of fat around my midsection as my "bump." The Lady however has a ton of new spring/summer wear that is super cute.

I am also walking around the Ritz Carleton with three giant acne cysts on my face. I did attempt to purchase a new foundation from Maybelline called Dream Mousse at three different CVS's in two states but apparently there are so many other pale animals out there who are wearing Light Porcelain that I am out of luck. My only saving grace is that everyone is looking at the Lady and saying how cute she is. I am hoping they aren't even seeing me at all!

My husband is out of the room by 5:30 every morning and although he pops in for a minute or two around bedtime he usually isn't back until after the Lady and I have already called it a day. I guess I am lucky that I am here in the sunshine of Florida instead of stuck in the snow in Connecticut. It is a little trying having to figure out what to do all day. The pool is great but only for a while and it leaves me no time for me or for me to hang out alone in the sun! I am also still stuck cleaning out sippy cups and snack cups in a hotel sink. Fun stuff.

The money saving mom in me is also a wee bit in sticker shock. Since this isn't my husband's account that he is travelling for, I really can't justify spending $30 per meal for me and the Lady. We made a trip to the supermarket for some fruit and yogurt, but the other day I spent $12.95 on a kids menu grilled cheese sandwich for her, of which she ate one piece and instead comprised her meal of ice chips and the potato chips they put out on every table. UGH. If I only had the money to live this lifestyle! Manicures and massages, nannies and nightlife. Oh well, maybe some day.

Tomorrow we are trying out the Naples Zoo. I am not a fan of zoo's in general and was once left by my parents at the reptile house at the Bronx Zoo. When they came back for me, they found me sitting with the guards, who were laughing because after they asked my name I told them "Mary Jane, ask me again and I'll tell you the same." It isn't that I have bad memories associated with the zoo because of that, it is just that animals smell and zoos are always hot, but the Lady likes animals and tomorrow is supposed to be cool (high only 69) so we are going to check it out. I will let you know how it goes.


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  2. How did the Lady's flight back in first class go?