Monday, February 2, 2009

Eff You Punxsutawney Phil

Today is Groundhog Day and that little effing rodent saw his shadow. You know what that means right? 6 more weeks of the hell that has forced me inside with no other options but to stuff my face with carbohydrates and wear sweatpants. Why Punxsutawney Phil? Why?

The worst part about it is that yesterday and today actually got into the 50's here. There is sun shining and it feels a little warm. It is the biggest tease ever because tomorrow it is going to drop thirty degrees and possibly snow again. UGH.

Lately my life has been mirroring Groundhog Day the movie, where every day seems painfully the same, except that I don't do quite as well at Jeopardy. Oh Phil, why couldn't you give a girl a break and at least lie about whole shadow thing? Give me a bit of hope that someday soon my flippies will be out and the sun will warm and tan this pale, pasty body.

Normally, I don't spend my days cursing small animals, but today all I can say is "Go eff yourself Punxsutawney Phil, go crawl back into that burrow you wretched little rodent so we can all get on with snowpants and shovels, with tracking sand and gravel through the house on our shoes, with hearty soups and sunless days, you mother-effing rat."


  1. Sounds like somebody is grumpy today- just have a few peanut M&Ms- they make everything better.

  2. 'its cold out there everyday, what is this miami beach?!'