Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Is Joelle mentally ill? I am not kidding and I don't think mental illness is a joke. What type of person is so deeply in denial about what is going on around her? What a bizarre situation that was last night.

I feel badly for Carla, but I wonder how close she and Joelle were before the show that their friendship couldn't weather that big, big, big storm. What an awkward encounter at the end of the show. I think that the right decision was made in sending silver home and I am glad to see that both contestants are continuing to lose weight, but I am seriously suggesting some quality couch time for Joelle. I mean I know we could all stand a little psychiatric evaluation every now and then but this lady has some serious issues.

I was sorry to see brown below the line again this week. Those two still have so much to lose. I still cannot get over the crazy combination of flesh that hangs off the body of Ron, but he is older and he does have some physical limitations-- how about getting in the pool Ron?--but for our sake maybe wear a t-shirt.

The blue guys are my boys. Glad to see Sione got immunity this week, he deserved it. That Tongan twosome is fun to watch. I was also glad to see that the women are dropping big numbers, with only four guys left on the show we could have another woman BL and lord knows some of those ladies need to still drop a few hundred lbs. . .

My favorite part of last night was when Bob told Shanon that she had to carry Sione on her back across the gym. When she turned to him and said, "but he is so sweaty," I nearly lost it. Could you imagine carrying a 300lb sweat covered Tongan man on your back? (Hey--maybe you can--to each his own) But seriously that was crazy.

More next week.


  1. bean i posted this in a previous blog but it should belong here. this is what i wrote:

    i watched BL last night (2-3-09) and that old man had 2 sets of man boobs!!! that was really gross...i mean one set of man boobs is bad but 2!?? YIKES! love you

  2. I love you too! And the boobs are really a site to be seen.