Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year, Blah, Blah, Blah

Are we done with the "New Year, New You" posts? Are we settling into 2017? Has everyone recommitted to something and are we all pursuing our goals? Yes? No? 

I have only made one resolution and that is to take more showers.

I feel that this is doable and may just be that initial first step towards implementing more change in my life. If I shower, I might wear actual clothes and not just sweatpants and leggings. If I wear actual clothes, I might notice that I they don't fit quite right. If I notice that they don't fit quite right, I might actually motivate to start eating better and fitting in a workout. If I workout then I definitely will need to shower more.

It is a little bit like "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" except I am trying to eat less cookies and have better hygiene.


I did take one of those Facebook quizzes that you are supposed to share on your feed, but that I never do. I like to know who would be my consigliere if I was a mafia boss and what is going to happen in the future dependent on a random algorithm and sites that I am pretty sure are just gathering all my personal information. I mean really what is the difference between some computer-generated output vs. something you may read in a magazine or that Oprah told you? If that site says that in 2017 I need to start to Let Go, who am I to say it is wrong?

I am starting with the easy stuff: Clothes, books, toys, etc., and hoping that repeating "Let it go" as a mantra that I don't get sucked into singing Disney songs on a loop for the whole of 2017. First big donation pick up is today. Let's hope the truck gets here before the kids get off the bus and start picking through things they haven't seen or played with in months. Wish me luck.