Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Why did the promos set up the fact that brown and orange were going to be below the yellow line? Just thinking about sending one of those two big breasted boys home was enough to make my heart hurt for days leading up to last nights episode.

I love how they still tried to make the weigh-in super dramatic even though we knew already who the choices would be. Bob's team had the advantage in terms of numbers so I knew that Daniel would be going home. I have to say that David really didn't get it. I don't think Tara had to cry about it at the elimination table but that guy was still smoking, eating fried food and I think he now weighs more than Daniel, who to date has lost 101 pounds. Now for those of you counting at home that means he still weighs 353 pounds on a 5'8" frame so in all actuality he has to drop another 150-200lbs to fall within the normal weight range for his body. I hope he can do it, he looks like he is still motivated and I am looking forward to the finale.
I am also looking forward to the weigh in next week with the at home contestants. We will see how much their work paid off.

On a side note--is everyone else just totally in awe of Ron's body type? When that guy takes his shirt off the only thing I can think about is that guy who lives in Jabba the Hut's basement and takes care of that monster that Luke kills with the door. You know this guy. . . except way worse off in terms of stomach rolls.

By the way, in my search for a photo of this guy, I found out that the monster is called a Rancor and the guys name is Malikili. Just in case any of you were wondering.
I mean how did his stomach get like that? Even if he loses a ton of weight he is still going to have some serious skin issues that will only be solved by a scalpel and some serious manscaping.
Anyway, I was glad to see Blaine got a chance to go home and see his wife. I feel for that girl, first of all she is like a skinny little stick and she has four kids and her husband left her at home by herself with a newborn and three other kids so he can work on his own weight problem. I think he should take some tips from her in the future. Also, does Dane speak? Is there something wrong with him--you know is he a little touched in the head? I don't think I have heard him speak one complete sentence since the show started. He is dropping big numbers though, so something is working.
Until next week all. Looking forward to seeing Carla's number on the scale. I am still routing for team blue. I love those Samoan guys!


I am shamefully admitting that this is the first day in a week that I have worn deodorant. I ran out last Wednesday and didn't make it to the store until yesterday, where I did double up on 2fer special on Secret unscented.

I am disappointed to say that I have found myself pulling on comfy pants and hoodies again this winter but I am glad to say that I have found the drive to actually perform the simplest of basic hygiene again. Oh winter--when will you end?

We got some snow this morning, which is apparently supposed to turn into some icy/rainy mess so it looks like we will be stuck inside again today. The Lady is almost ready for a nap, so that will give me some time to catch up on work and the two Oprah episodes I missed about fat kids. Oh Oprah--what are you hungry for?

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Oscars

The Oscar nominees came out yesterday and I have to say that I have not seen one of the movies that was nominated. I am also pretty sure that I haven't seen any of the movies that got any nominations at all, which is kind of pathetic since I like to think that I am still in the thick of all things celebrity. I guess having a magazine subscription and watching the red carpet doesn't really count.

I have seen two movies in the theatre since the Lady was born--Juno, which was an Oscar nominee last year and The Dark Knight (I guess I did see one movie with a nod) and that is it. It kind of saddens me because I think that my husband and I probably saw on average 20 movies a year together. He is a big movie guy, you know the kind of guy who quotes the trailer even though the movie hasn't even come out yet--yeah he's that guy. I will find him up at like two in the morning on a Tuesday watching Rounders for the eight hundredth time just because he likes movies and he can't sleep. The other night he started watching Casino from the middle at like 1o:30 p.m. while I tried in vain to fall asleep to the heavy accent of Joe Peschi and a screaming scene with Sharon Stone. I think my heavy sighing did get the point across eventually.

Anyway, I am thinking of trying to see at least one of the nominated movies this year. My vote is for Slumdog Millionaire because I hear it is good, it doesn't start Brangalina and I always love an underdog story.

Let me know if you have any Oscar favorites for this year or if you saw any of the movies nominated.

I am really trying to get back to this blog not only for my own sanity but for the sake of all you readers who are procrastinating at work!

Out and About

We left the house today. Since the temperature was going to climb above freezing today, I decided it was my best chance at getting out and getting some stuff done.

I have really been feeling like I have cabin fever lately and although, I know I can bundle and pack the Lady up and get her in the car in just a few minutes, the thought of braving the cold has really kept me indoors curled up under a blanket and coloring on the floor of the Lady's room.

This morning we were out by 9am. The Lady and I went out to breakfast, now I know the money saving mom probably wouldn't approve of spending twenty bucks on a breakfast for one person and a one year old--who didn't even eat the silver dollar pancakes--but I feel like every once in a while you have to go out and do something for yourself. Besides it is nice to be waited on and not have to prepare every meal.

We ended our morning with a trip to Costco and I am proud to say that I left there with only the items on my list. It is so hard not to pick something up and say "Why yes, I do need three thousand tissues today and this giant box of snickers is really going to come in handy," but we made it out there with just the milk and the fruit we came for. The Lady fell asleep in the car and I am hoping for a good nap. I just got this weeks US Weekly.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Biggest Loser Update

I am trying to fit in my Biggest Loser update blog, while my husband tries to distract the Lady in her room with crayons. She is quick to hit the keyboard and then start crying if I tell her no, so I have to be efficient and precise. I am also trying to fit it in before Lost premiers tonight. I still have to watch the final hour of last season's finale. I got a bit behind last year and have finally caught up with the last four or so episodes in the last few days. I tell you the best way to watch that show is on TiVo.

Biggest Loser

A good weight loss week for some contestants. We saw some good numbers from the black team, team brown, and of course the big guy Daniel. Ummm. . . is David even trying at home? Every time they show him he is eating fried food in his Biggest Loser t-shirt. He will be in for a rude awakening if he gets back on the ranch.

So there was some silver team drama. I think that there is something wrong, like mentally, with Joelle. I like Carla and I particularly like her drive to succeed but listening to her yell at Joelle for 10 minutes wasn't good BL TV. I also don't like her enough to give Joelle another chance next week. Jillian's team--what were you thinking? Granted Joelle puts up low numbers, so maybe you thought she would be below the yellow line again, eliminating one spot for members of your team, but overall, silver team is more of a threat then red because they have so much more weight to lose.

I am interested in seeing how this decision affects the team dynamics in the house next week. Up to now there wasn't any real Bob vs. Jillian feelings, I think that will all change next episode.

Only one more weigh in until the partners come back. It should be an interesting week, especially for those women who posted big numbers this weigh in.

More to come next week. Off to my Tivo, three hours of Lost and Restaurant Wars on Top Chef! Oh TV, how you soothe my soul.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inauguration

I have going on to my ninth hour of Inauguration coverage. Granted it has been interrupted by a few spurts of work and about 15 minutes of Curious George, but even though the news is now repetitive and they are showing taped video of things I have already seen, I am not ready to turn it off quite yet.

We are generation without a Woodstock, a March on Washington, a collective goal or vision and to see all those people gathered to celebrate in one event is nothing short of historical. I have never paid this much attention to the transfer of power in my life but whatever that feeling is, that sense of common purpose, is something I want to be a part of. The question is what happens next?

I was grateful the Lady got up at 6:15 this morning and took a much earlier nap then usual so that I didn't have to fight with her over the "mote" so she could watch the shows for "babies," I don't know how much my daily life is going to change in the next few months or years but I guess there is that sense of hope and for that I am grateful.

I will admit to checking the guide to make sure that the Biggest Loser will still be airing tonight--there is such a thing as too much Inauguration coverage!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hudson River Plane Crash

I just wanted to say that after watching entirely too many hours of the coverage of this plane crash, that I am still amazed that everyone got off that plane.

Every flight I have ever taken, I have imagined going down, usually it ends like that plane crash with minor injuries and me living to tell the story. I am not morbid enough to think through any fiery mountain crashes, but it comforts me to know that the pilot did his job well enough to land that plane and that help came so quickly.

I will still board a plane with the same amount of apprehension as I have in the past but watching that plane bob and float its way down the Hudson instilled in me a bit more faith and some hope that good things can still happen in this world.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Bob--you animal! Way to drop the f-bomb. What a poetic piece of profanity. This my friends is reality tv.

So week two came along and we had some big numbers on the scale and some not so big numbers on the scale. Of the two people on the show that I didn't want to be below the yellow line, Daniel and Jerry were it. So I was sad to see the contestants have to choose, but I think they made the right choice. As much as I was routing for Jerry, Daniel has no chance to drop the lbs on his own at home (looks like David is having his own problems-ordering hot dogs and french fries while wearing your Biggest Loser t-shirt probably isn't a good idea), so I am happy he is staying. I mean did you see the poor kid trying to paddle in that boat? His abs are so weak he couldn't even sit up, he was just flat out laid out in the boat peddling aimlessly toward the shore. I am surprised a guy that big has as much mobility as he does.

Anyway, I can't not say anything about Joelle this week. Besides her lack of effort and the ass-chewing she got from Bob, she was so lucky not to fall below the line. Had David not come in last in the challenge she would have been back in Michigan to face the wrath of Carla. Did you see Carla working out on the video? That lady is motivated and she is holding Joelle personally responsible for getting her back on the show. Forget Bob, if Joelle knows what is good for her she will do anything in her power to not have to face Carla.

I am still trying to get to know the contestants and I am still kind of bummed they chose to split up the teams but I am looking forward to next week.

I will admit I flipped a bit during commercials to American Idol. While, I do watch the show I won't be blogging about it, however, I do have to say that it is some sort of weird American perverseness that drives me to watch these audition shows. How do some of these people function in society? I will tell you one thing that I know about myself--I cannot sing. Not even a bit, not even like church sing, but I love music and I will belt out just about any tune I can in the car even if I don't get the lyrics right, but you would never, ever see my trying to get my ass on American Idol--even though I am four years older then the cutoff age. . .

Out and About

We finally left the house. The Lady and I went to story time at Barnes and Noble and she listened quietly to one story before we made our way over the trains.

I also discovered a play area for kids near the food court and the Lady had a good time running around for a half hour or so. We successfully killed two freezing cold hours in the belly of the mall.

I am proud of myself that we got out. I am glad the Lady had some time to burn off some energy, as for me, I spent the last fifteen minutes of our outing scalding my tongue on a hot tea and stuffing my face with Wetzel pretzel bites. Good times.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The Lady and I were supposed to be on our way to a playdate this morning. However, the Lady had other plans. Instead of going to bed at her usual hour she chatted until almost 10p.m. in her bed, woke up around 2ish screaming and then slept until 9:15.

Trust me, I don't mind the sleeping in--of course I was still up at 7:30 waiting for her to get up but at least she slept--but instead of meeting new people and playing with other kids her age, we are sitting in the kitchen eating waffles and watching Elmo.

I vow to get out of the house today.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Biggest Loser Update

Wow, what a huge group of people. There were numbers on that scale last week that were staggering. As much as I don't like to think of myself gaining weight to think of myself gaining 100 to 200 pounds to even come close to the weight of some of these people is overwhelming. I will admit it also makes me feel a little bit better about myself.

The first week is always tough. It is hard to gauge the personalities of the contestants, especially when you have little time to really get to know them. Who knows there may be player out there that may rival the bitchy overly competitive nature of Vicky, but we aren't going to see that until at least week two.

Highlights and Insights

The comments that Bob and Jillian had while watching everyone work out by themselves were priceless. I guess you don't get to 364lbs by working out.

White team: I wouldn't actually call a 63 year old man passing out on the floor of the gym a highlight but it made for some serious drama and really showed how sick some of these people really are. Kudos to Jerry for dropping a whopping 25lbs--whether or not it was just fluids from his hospital visit or not, 25lbs is a pretty good feat.

Brown team: That dad is huge. The son is only 18. How does that happen America? How does that happen?

Green team: Former models? For what an old Caldor catalog? Now, I know I am not runway material but both of those girls fell hard and far off the modeling train. I kind of like Tara, she seems really motivated and I hope she goes far, Laura on the other hand was kind of whiny.

Black team: Those guys are 28 years old. 28. I am not too keen on the fact that their names rhyme but whatever, the fact of the matter is they are lucky they won the challenge and if they can post big numbers they will definitely be a factor in this show.

Blue team: Love the Tongan team. Love em.

Orange team: Best friends Daniel and David are ginormous. Daniel is the biggest guy ever on the show weighing in at a whopping 454lbs. The guy is 5'8'' and only 19 how many hamburgers Daniel? How many?

So, they threw us a curve ball the first week and sent 9 players home. I get the fact that the producers want to show America that they can see results at home as well, but these people are so big and the point of the show is to get them healthy. What I would like to see is the contestants staying for two or three weeks before anyone goes home just so we can get some results and give them the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity they have been given.

Having said that, I am not a producer of this program--although I think I might make a pretty good one considering my love of television, make-over programs and basic understanding of the wants of the American television viewing population--and since they made the decision I will have to go with it and see what happens next week. Stay tuned.

The Winter Doldrums

So, I know I promised more blog time. I also know that I haven't even posted my Biggest Loser Update for the new season even though I was super excited that Season 7 kicked off last week.

The fact of the matter is, I am tired and between the coughing and the crankiness going on in my house for the last couple of weeks the only thing I have wanted to do is curl up with my TiVo and nap.

Today, I finally got out of the house. This may seem odd to some of you, especially those of you who are gainfully employed or make an actual attempt to have some sort of life. I however have left the house twice since last weekend. We headed out on Tuesday for a few Dr's. appointments and then again on Thursday for an actual paying day of work.

The madness must end now.

Today, I left the house for chili ingredients and a little exposure to some Vitamin D. I am feeling much better and even though the Giants blew it in the Meadowlands this afternoon, I think that I can muster up a bit of positivity and some motivation and try to get my life in order--again.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Quick Recap of Our Time Apart

I apologize for the lack of blog entries over the holidays. It was a busy season. Here is a quick

Spent two hours Christmas Eve at Target

Celebrated Christmas morning with my husband and the Lady. The Lady's favorite gift? Her pink rubber ball.

Drove to my parents where we stuffed the car with all of the Lady's loot. Drove to my husband's parents where we crammed in the rest of her booty.

Watched an all day House marathon.

Celebrated the Wild Man's 1st B-day then had a mini-Facebook reunion with some of my girlfriends from High School. Stayed out too late then had to drive back up to the in-laws for an afternoon that lacked nap time.

Happy B-day Wild Man!

Took the Lady to her 15 month checkup. 95% for height, yeah I know she looks like she could be two but she isn't, she is just tall!

Drove up to NL to see some of the cousins and have some QT with my grandma. Came home to find my husband had returned our faulty Elmo Live for one that actually opened his mouth--in retrospect we should have just returned the entire thing. There is no volume control and the stories are getting a little tired.

Drove the Lady over to my parents so we could have a PJ party New Year's Eve celebration at my brother's. Unfortunately, the Lady puked twice and my mom had to wash all her clothes and the bedding before ringing in the new year. I made no resolutions this year, I am still trying to check off my list from last year.

New Year's Day: Two words. . . Bones Marathon.

Headed back to the pediatrician on Saturday because the Lady has what is categorized as a "bad cold." That basically means "Sorry, we can't do anything for you--go home with your miserable child." Spent the rest of the weekend with a sick baby, a sick husband, and the beginning of a chest cold. Took the Lady back to the pediatrician yesterday to recheck the cold after she spent all day Monday suction cupped to my body and emanating so much heat I almost forgot that we weren't spending this week in Barbados like we did last year. I also let her watch three hours of Sesame Street in a row.

Finally, the new season of the Biggest Loser started last night and it didn't disappoint--more on that later.

Hope that helped fill in some of the gaps. Stay tuned for more. . .