Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Bob--you animal! Way to drop the f-bomb. What a poetic piece of profanity. This my friends is reality tv.

So week two came along and we had some big numbers on the scale and some not so big numbers on the scale. Of the two people on the show that I didn't want to be below the yellow line, Daniel and Jerry were it. So I was sad to see the contestants have to choose, but I think they made the right choice. As much as I was routing for Jerry, Daniel has no chance to drop the lbs on his own at home (looks like David is having his own problems-ordering hot dogs and french fries while wearing your Biggest Loser t-shirt probably isn't a good idea), so I am happy he is staying. I mean did you see the poor kid trying to paddle in that boat? His abs are so weak he couldn't even sit up, he was just flat out laid out in the boat peddling aimlessly toward the shore. I am surprised a guy that big has as much mobility as he does.

Anyway, I can't not say anything about Joelle this week. Besides her lack of effort and the ass-chewing she got from Bob, she was so lucky not to fall below the line. Had David not come in last in the challenge she would have been back in Michigan to face the wrath of Carla. Did you see Carla working out on the video? That lady is motivated and she is holding Joelle personally responsible for getting her back on the show. Forget Bob, if Joelle knows what is good for her she will do anything in her power to not have to face Carla.

I am still trying to get to know the contestants and I am still kind of bummed they chose to split up the teams but I am looking forward to next week.

I will admit I flipped a bit during commercials to American Idol. While, I do watch the show I won't be blogging about it, however, I do have to say that it is some sort of weird American perverseness that drives me to watch these audition shows. How do some of these people function in society? I will tell you one thing that I know about myself--I cannot sing. Not even a bit, not even like church sing, but I love music and I will belt out just about any tune I can in the car even if I don't get the lyrics right, but you would never, ever see my trying to get my ass on American Idol--even though I am four years older then the cutoff age. . .


  1. What are these "commercials" you speak of? I can't imagine watching TBL without a DVR...I would try to end my life.

  2. I know it is just awful, but I like to watch the action unfold before my eyes, plus I was Tivoing another show at the same time, but now that House has moved to Monday's I might just fire up the DVR.