Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Winter Doldrums

So, I know I promised more blog time. I also know that I haven't even posted my Biggest Loser Update for the new season even though I was super excited that Season 7 kicked off last week.

The fact of the matter is, I am tired and between the coughing and the crankiness going on in my house for the last couple of weeks the only thing I have wanted to do is curl up with my TiVo and nap.

Today, I finally got out of the house. This may seem odd to some of you, especially those of you who are gainfully employed or make an actual attempt to have some sort of life. I however have left the house twice since last weekend. We headed out on Tuesday for a few Dr's. appointments and then again on Thursday for an actual paying day of work.

The madness must end now.

Today, I left the house for chili ingredients and a little exposure to some Vitamin D. I am feeling much better and even though the Giants blew it in the Meadowlands this afternoon, I think that I can muster up a bit of positivity and some motivation and try to get my life in order--again.

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