Friday, January 23, 2009

Out and About

We left the house today. Since the temperature was going to climb above freezing today, I decided it was my best chance at getting out and getting some stuff done.

I have really been feeling like I have cabin fever lately and although, I know I can bundle and pack the Lady up and get her in the car in just a few minutes, the thought of braving the cold has really kept me indoors curled up under a blanket and coloring on the floor of the Lady's room.

This morning we were out by 9am. The Lady and I went out to breakfast, now I know the money saving mom probably wouldn't approve of spending twenty bucks on a breakfast for one person and a one year old--who didn't even eat the silver dollar pancakes--but I feel like every once in a while you have to go out and do something for yourself. Besides it is nice to be waited on and not have to prepare every meal.

We ended our morning with a trip to Costco and I am proud to say that I left there with only the items on my list. It is so hard not to pick something up and say "Why yes, I do need three thousand tissues today and this giant box of snickers is really going to come in handy," but we made it out there with just the milk and the fruit we came for. The Lady fell asleep in the car and I am hoping for a good nap. I just got this weeks US Weekly.

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