Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heat Stroke

I have been enjoying the hot weather that has hit the East Coast for the past five days or so, and am ruing the thirty degree drop tomorrow. However, I did realize that I am not quite ready for 90 degree heat especially pregnant and toting around a few too many extra lbs.

I went to the dr. last week and saw a shockingly high weight gain for one month. Now, this happened to me during my last pregnancy and everything eventually worked itself out. This time I didn't melt down and cry my eyes out like I did the first time around and am now just trying embrace things as they come. This, I believe, will allow me to avoid going to a nutritionist who made me try on her MBT sneakers with no socks on, on a very hot day in mid June and drink powdered protein shakes at 45 bucks a container.

I am staying positive people although I will admit to eating all the leftover free munchkins that the workers at Dunkies shoved into a bag for the lady, this was late in the day, after they had been sitting there in 85 degree heat, stale? sure, but free.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Biggest Loser

I am sure you are all shocked by the fact that I am actually blogging about this the day after the show aired, and not like a week and a half later. The fact of the matter is I watched the episode after the Yankee game last night and as usual was grateful for the fast-forward.

One thing right away. Did anybody else catch Bob using the phrase "rumpus room?" I mean really Bob, you are making it just too easy for me to drift off into inappropriate musings about your sexuality. Rumpus room? Who says that?

Anyway, the first grocery store challenge was lame. I do wish Kristen would have won, considering that she got voted off last night. It would have been nice to go home with a parting gift.

The second challenge was also kind of boring. I am all for these endurance strength exercises, but watching fat people hang in cages for 30 minutes isn't really compelling TV. I would much rather see a challenge that has them moving.

Oh, and surprise, surprise Tara won. I will have to say I was surprised she took the money and not the one pound advantage at the weigh in. She is always so stressed out about the game that I figured that game play would be the easy choice. I was kind of happy for her that she took the money and did well in the weigh in.

Now on to Brown. Oh Ron, you are the godfather. You are really the only one who is actually playing this game and Mike is your little pawn. I think Mike deserves to win this thing and he was smart to vote Kristen off, because she does still have a ton of weight to lose. She could stand to drop another 100lbs and Mike only has about 50 to go. I do think it was kind of sneaky that Ron "kept his promise" to her and didn't vote for her, while knowing exactly what Mike was going to do. But it is a game and I guess after all the love and hugs this season, it is nice to see some strategy.

BTW, Helen looks really good. She has like 25lbs to lose and she is done. I am always surprised that she has stuck around for so long, especially since her numbers have been historically low in the weigh ins.

And Ron, he just keeps dropping just enough to stay above the line. I will have to say I think it was important that Mike confront his dad about the weight issue. I mean Ron was like 500 lbs and his kids, his small children, just followed right in his footsteps and became ginormous. I am glad to see the mom wasn't always skinny, skinny and that she made a choice and took control of her own health, but who if anyone was looking out for those kids?

Well we are down to the final five, with only a couple of episodes left to the final. Every time I watch the credits I am reminded of all the people who have already gone home. My husband is convinced that David from the Orange team is going to come back, weighing the exact same amount and carrying a bucked of the Colonel's secret recipe. We will see. . .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fiddy Cent Coffee

Today is 50 cent iced coffee day at Dunkies. Just wanted to let my faithful followers and caffeine addicted friends know. 10% of the purchase price will also go to support Homes for Our Troops, which builds special homes to meet the needs of injured veterans.

My suggestion is to go for two for a dollar like I did. Mmmmm. . . sweet deliciousness.

I also plan on going back later and picking up a few black coffees to throw in the fridge. Hey--the money saving mom has to look out for both her pocketbook and her deep love of all things iced coffee.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Second Time Around

I am now 24 weeks pregnant and I feel like I am 36 weeks along. Things that didn't bother me until well into my third trimester are now showing up with a vengeance and this time around I don't have the luxury of nap time, or the chiropractor.

The biggest concern I have is my back. I dealt with it the first time around, and was super relieved when after the Lady made her way into the world, the pain went away. Even though it was bad, I was still able to take walks and be as active as I could. Now, I feel like some sort of old arthritic woman who needs to plug into a heating blanket in the morning just to get out of bed. I am trying not to complain but it effing hurts and it isn't muscle pain that can be soothed by a back rub or some Doans. This is like compressed vertebrae in my tail bone which is crushing in on each other and crushing my will to walk.

My next pressing concern is the fact that is feels like my vag is bruised. I was only able to articulate this feeling to a fellow friend who has three kids. She was then able to express it as the bruised vag. It just feels like you got kicked with a steel-toe boot and the residual pain just lingers day in and day out. I know I paint a pretty picture here, but this is the reality of round two.

I am really trying not to complain because, I am grateful that I am pregnant and that I am having another kid. I know there are thousands of women out there who would love to be in my position. I am just saying that my effing back hurts and my vag feels bruised. Yikes.

Biggest Loser Update

So, I snuggled up to the Biggest Loser last night and finally got caught up.

The makeover show was okay, I thought that everyone looked really good. I can't believe how much weight Mike has lost, you can really tell when his is put together and out of his poo brown t-shirt.

I have to say I teared up a bit when I saw his brother. The poor kid is 17 years old and just so big. I felt so bad for him. You would think that the very skinny mom would maybe buy the BL cookbook and start making the kid some meals so that when his dad and brother get home he doesn't feel like such a fat ass. We will see.

I wanted Filipe to win the challenge. It isn't that I hate Tara, it is just that she always wins. She did look really good though and I was happy for her that her mom came.

I think that Kristen is my favorite right now. She has a good attitude and she still has a ton of weight to lose. I mean she weighs now, what some people start the show at. I thought her hair looked a ton better dark. Those blond streaks were pretty WT.

So, bye-bye Laura. I can't say I was super upset she went, she has always seemed like a wet blanket to me, but her hair looked good and I was sorry that she got sidelined by an injury. It looks like she is working toward repairing it, but it didn't seem like she had lost any more weight at home. I know that diet and exercise is key, but I am pretty sure you can drop a lb or two by watching what you eat.

I have to admit to fast-forwarding through most of the deliberation process that the contestants went through to decide. I did see Ron "godfather" the discussion but I think that is the role he wants to play. We will see how many more weeks he lasts.

The finale is fast approaching, I can't believe we are in mid-April already. We will see how next weeks show goes.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Biggest Loser

I haven't watched this weeks episode yet. I am planning on curling up with my TiVo tonight.

I will update as soon as I watch, but I will let you know that I found out that Tara was a plus-size model, which kind of makes sense, but got too fat to work in modeling.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


As promised some photos of the newest little Loyola lady.

So sweet!

I need to give photo credit to Kristen on this one. I was lucky enough to hold the Lil'L why she took some shots. I was also lucky enough to have a really nice lunch with one of my closest friends and am very grateful for the time we got to spend together.

For more photos visit thebeanandthebearphotography.blogspot.com

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby News

I want to welcome yet another little lady to the Loyola family.

Congrats to Lauren, Alex and Peanut on their newest family member, who I will be calling Lil'L.

I am heading down to Brooklyn today to take some photos and to meet another girlfriend for a kid-free lunch. Yeah!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Check This Out

If any of you follow No Cynics Allowed, a blog written by my good friend Bill, you will already be familiar with ABCTE, an organization that offers an alternative route to teacher certification.

If any of you are CT residents and are interested in the type of people who are unable to teach locally because they "lack" the experience or if you are just interested in the type of people ABCTE is looking to certify, check out this link.

You can always find more up to date info on Bill's blog.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Adult Ed Photos

I know I was kind of hard on my Adult Education class last time I blogged about it. Granted, it is still a little too informal for me and the emphasis on Photoshop that I was looking for isn't quite what I had hoped for.

Here are a couple of photos I took the other night on our field trip. It was freezing, the prof brought the Beej again, but I think these turned out pretty good. BTW, they are both taken using no flash.

The Biggest Loser

I understand that I have been lacking in my Biggest Loser postings lately, but by the time I get around to watching it, I feel like the week is almost over, then I forget what actually happened.

The one good thing about taking this class on Tuesday nights is that I have the pleasure to fast-forward through the entire program so I don't have to listen to all the whining.

A few things. . .

1. I didn't realize that there was all the backstabbing last week between the Blue team and Ron. I love how they have painted Ron as the "godfather," I think it is pretty funny. The truth is, he has to play the game. He is still so big and he really needs to stay on the ranch until the very end, however, he just needs to keep putting up big numbers. Since he is so handicapped in terms of what he can do, game-play is important for him.

2. Temptations, temptations, temptations. . . What a ridiculous challenge, every single person just lost control. It is amazing how seductive power and money can be. After 14 weeks on the ranch they all just lost it. I mean was it necessary to throw all those trays on the ground? And of course, the worst person gets the vote. Laura is so blah. I would have liked to see the extra vote in the hands of either Brown or Blue, just for a bit more drama. I did like that the trainers teamed up on them and just kicked their asses. I think they deserved it.

3. Ugh stairs. My heart was hurting for all of them just thinking about running stairs. Oh Tara, you are just so changed. You CAN do it, now just stop talking about it.

4. Elimination. I like Helen, but she is also playing the game. I think that Sione kind of screwed himself the week before, and he is a huge threat in the house. I was sad to see him go, but not surprised. Was it just me or did they spend like an enormous amount of time on his follow-up? I guess that we are getting towards the end and they are trying to fill time but it seemed like we saw much more about what he was doing now, then we had about other past contestants. I was glad to see that he had started personal training and was trying to motivate those around him. I have a feeling that he can really contend for the at-home prize. We will see, however Sione leaving leaves Filipe vulnerable and Brown with a lot of power.

Next week. . . makeovers. I will keep you posted.

A Few Things Here and There

For all you House fans, I found out that Kal Penn left the show not because he was persuing a movie career or because his H&K fame transcended traditional TV, but because he is actually going to be working for the Obama Administration.

I still don't think that they had to put a gun in his hand and have him blow his brains out, but at least we saw an episode where House didn't save the guy in the last 5 minutes.

Fat Pants
I got a pair of dress pants at Gap Maternity, for half off. Not only do they actually fit pretty well, I got a deal. Granted I am wearing yoga pants right now, but the Lady and I are going to take a quick walk.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Business Casual Fat Pants

I have a three day temp assignment this week starting tomorrow and I have no pants that fit. All my maternity pants are either capris, sweatpants or jeans.

I am thinking that I will have to go get some business casual fat pants to wear and hope that Friday is a casual Friday and I can wear my big belly jeans.

Ugh. When am I going to get to a point in my life where I can just open my closet and pull something out without worrying about how it is going to fit?

I have decided to try and embrace this bump because last time people didn't think I was pregnant for a while and that is kind of embarrassing because then I am pretty sure I just look fat.

We will see how it goes. Looking forward to the temp assignment. I will keep you updated.

TV Trouble

Last week the TiVo failed to do its only job. I think this was partially my fault because I have been using the fax so much that the TiVo was unable to connect and update through the phone line.

This is just another reason why I think I will be calling Cablevision and getting the DVR.

Anyway, besides the fact that the TiVo didn't record anything on Monday, I never actually set it to record the Biggest Loser on Tuesday. However, it did record the first half hour of the second hour of the show so I saw that Nicole lost the biggest percentage of weight at home and was back on the scale. I also saw that she gained 5lbs, Laura gained 1, Kristen dropped 4 and then it cut off. My goal was to actually watch the entire episode online so that I could actually be an informed blogger, but that didn't happen so I just looked it up.

So, in a quick recap and correct me if I am wrong. Allison Sweeny had her baby, Nicole got back on the ranch was given immunity and was immediately annoyed by Tara, Ron went to the hospital with a bleeding ulcer, Sione won an extra pound at the weigh in, Nicole gained 5lbs and lost immunity, Ron gained 3lbs and Nicole was voted off.

I hope that covers it. This week the TiVo is set and I am planning some quality time with it.

ER Finale

I feel like I should comment on the final episode of ER. This was a show that fifteen years ago, we used to cram into (well not cram, I went to Loyola and we had super sized rooms) and watch, where nobody was allowed to talk unless it was a commercial and then we all went out after at 11pm. It was a big bonding show and I remember the frenetic pace of it and the fact that not everything always turned out alright. Patients died on the table all the time and even though we got to know the characters personally, it wasn't some huge drama about relationships and love lives, it was a show about people who worked their asses off in the emergency room and who entertained us each week.

I was prepared to cry the final episode, but I wasn't totally moved. Granted the mom dying after delivering twins and leaving three other kids motherless wasn't very upbeat and at 23 weeks pregnant you would think that some sort of hormonal thing would have kicked in, but overall I thought it was a pretty average episode.

I think that the writers tried too hard to fit in all the old characters, and although it was nice to see them, it just seemed like a time filler. Plus, I am not super vested in the whole Carter/Kem relationship and wondered why they even included it.

I think what I really want to say, is that although the final episode wasn't the greatest one I have ever seen, I really think that the show was one of the best medical one's on TV. Even in its fifteenth year. Granted I only started to watch ER again about 3 years ago, but caught plenty of the old ones that I had seen and missed in the early days of the Lady being home on TNT during Prime Time in the Daytime. Las Vegas anyone?

I watch House and Grey's and although I like them both for different reasons, there are plenty of things about them that are a little annoying. Take House for instance, he has his team try a thousand things, two of which will definitely kill them, before he has a heart to heart with Wilson about something related to his personality and is suddenly hit with the correct answer. And did anybody see last night's episode? Kutner dead? By suicide? Did Kal Penn have another Harold and Kumar to make? And Grey's. . . as much as I am caught up in the melodrama of it all it is a bit weepy and heavy handed at points. The only thing it has in common with ER is that they both had patients with broken penises this year.

So, ER was the one "reality" medical drama where you could relate to not only the doctors and nurses, but to the patients as well. I will miss it and when baby number 2 comes, will try to catch as many episodes as I can at 11am on TNT.