Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heat Stroke

I have been enjoying the hot weather that has hit the East Coast for the past five days or so, and am ruing the thirty degree drop tomorrow. However, I did realize that I am not quite ready for 90 degree heat especially pregnant and toting around a few too many extra lbs.

I went to the dr. last week and saw a shockingly high weight gain for one month. Now, this happened to me during my last pregnancy and everything eventually worked itself out. This time I didn't melt down and cry my eyes out like I did the first time around and am now just trying embrace things as they come. This, I believe, will allow me to avoid going to a nutritionist who made me try on her MBT sneakers with no socks on, on a very hot day in mid June and drink powdered protein shakes at 45 bucks a container.

I am staying positive people although I will admit to eating all the leftover free munchkins that the workers at Dunkies shoved into a bag for the lady, this was late in the day, after they had been sitting there in 85 degree heat, stale? sure, but free.

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  1. Laxative abuse is a great way to control weight - especially when you are pregnant.