Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fiddy Cent Coffee

Today is 50 cent iced coffee day at Dunkies. Just wanted to let my faithful followers and caffeine addicted friends know. 10% of the purchase price will also go to support Homes for Our Troops, which builds special homes to meet the needs of injured veterans.

My suggestion is to go for two for a dollar like I did. Mmmmm. . . sweet deliciousness.

I also plan on going back later and picking up a few black coffees to throw in the fridge. Hey--the money saving mom has to look out for both her pocketbook and her deep love of all things iced coffee.


  1. Coffee? While you are with child? OMG! OMG! i am calling child services! I AM CALLING THE GODDAMN POLICE...

  2. Do it. I dare you or we can meet at the Copley Square Westin to discuss. . . bring your masseuse table.