Friday, April 10, 2009

The Biggest Loser

I understand that I have been lacking in my Biggest Loser postings lately, but by the time I get around to watching it, I feel like the week is almost over, then I forget what actually happened.

The one good thing about taking this class on Tuesday nights is that I have the pleasure to fast-forward through the entire program so I don't have to listen to all the whining.

A few things. . .

1. I didn't realize that there was all the backstabbing last week between the Blue team and Ron. I love how they have painted Ron as the "godfather," I think it is pretty funny. The truth is, he has to play the game. He is still so big and he really needs to stay on the ranch until the very end, however, he just needs to keep putting up big numbers. Since he is so handicapped in terms of what he can do, game-play is important for him.

2. Temptations, temptations, temptations. . . What a ridiculous challenge, every single person just lost control. It is amazing how seductive power and money can be. After 14 weeks on the ranch they all just lost it. I mean was it necessary to throw all those trays on the ground? And of course, the worst person gets the vote. Laura is so blah. I would have liked to see the extra vote in the hands of either Brown or Blue, just for a bit more drama. I did like that the trainers teamed up on them and just kicked their asses. I think they deserved it.

3. Ugh stairs. My heart was hurting for all of them just thinking about running stairs. Oh Tara, you are just so changed. You CAN do it, now just stop talking about it.

4. Elimination. I like Helen, but she is also playing the game. I think that Sione kind of screwed himself the week before, and he is a huge threat in the house. I was sad to see him go, but not surprised. Was it just me or did they spend like an enormous amount of time on his follow-up? I guess that we are getting towards the end and they are trying to fill time but it seemed like we saw much more about what he was doing now, then we had about other past contestants. I was glad to see that he had started personal training and was trying to motivate those around him. I have a feeling that he can really contend for the at-home prize. We will see, however Sione leaving leaves Filipe vulnerable and Brown with a lot of power.

Next week. . . makeovers. I will keep you posted.

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