Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Biggest Loser

I am sure you are all shocked by the fact that I am actually blogging about this the day after the show aired, and not like a week and a half later. The fact of the matter is I watched the episode after the Yankee game last night and as usual was grateful for the fast-forward.

One thing right away. Did anybody else catch Bob using the phrase "rumpus room?" I mean really Bob, you are making it just too easy for me to drift off into inappropriate musings about your sexuality. Rumpus room? Who says that?

Anyway, the first grocery store challenge was lame. I do wish Kristen would have won, considering that she got voted off last night. It would have been nice to go home with a parting gift.

The second challenge was also kind of boring. I am all for these endurance strength exercises, but watching fat people hang in cages for 30 minutes isn't really compelling TV. I would much rather see a challenge that has them moving.

Oh, and surprise, surprise Tara won. I will have to say I was surprised she took the money and not the one pound advantage at the weigh in. She is always so stressed out about the game that I figured that game play would be the easy choice. I was kind of happy for her that she took the money and did well in the weigh in.

Now on to Brown. Oh Ron, you are the godfather. You are really the only one who is actually playing this game and Mike is your little pawn. I think Mike deserves to win this thing and he was smart to vote Kristen off, because she does still have a ton of weight to lose. She could stand to drop another 100lbs and Mike only has about 50 to go. I do think it was kind of sneaky that Ron "kept his promise" to her and didn't vote for her, while knowing exactly what Mike was going to do. But it is a game and I guess after all the love and hugs this season, it is nice to see some strategy.

BTW, Helen looks really good. She has like 25lbs to lose and she is done. I am always surprised that she has stuck around for so long, especially since her numbers have been historically low in the weigh ins.

And Ron, he just keeps dropping just enough to stay above the line. I will have to say I think it was important that Mike confront his dad about the weight issue. I mean Ron was like 500 lbs and his kids, his small children, just followed right in his footsteps and became ginormous. I am glad to see the mom wasn't always skinny, skinny and that she made a choice and took control of her own health, but who if anyone was looking out for those kids?

Well we are down to the final five, with only a couple of episodes left to the final. Every time I watch the credits I am reminded of all the people who have already gone home. My husband is convinced that David from the Orange team is going to come back, weighing the exact same amount and carrying a bucked of the Colonel's secret recipe. We will see. . .

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  1. I am pissed that Kristen was voted off- although it does not look like she has dropped alot of weight in the last 2 months that she has been off of the show.