Saturday, April 18, 2009

Biggest Loser Update

So, I snuggled up to the Biggest Loser last night and finally got caught up.

The makeover show was okay, I thought that everyone looked really good. I can't believe how much weight Mike has lost, you can really tell when his is put together and out of his poo brown t-shirt.

I have to say I teared up a bit when I saw his brother. The poor kid is 17 years old and just so big. I felt so bad for him. You would think that the very skinny mom would maybe buy the BL cookbook and start making the kid some meals so that when his dad and brother get home he doesn't feel like such a fat ass. We will see.

I wanted Filipe to win the challenge. It isn't that I hate Tara, it is just that she always wins. She did look really good though and I was happy for her that her mom came.

I think that Kristen is my favorite right now. She has a good attitude and she still has a ton of weight to lose. I mean she weighs now, what some people start the show at. I thought her hair looked a ton better dark. Those blond streaks were pretty WT.

So, bye-bye Laura. I can't say I was super upset she went, she has always seemed like a wet blanket to me, but her hair looked good and I was sorry that she got sidelined by an injury. It looks like she is working toward repairing it, but it didn't seem like she had lost any more weight at home. I know that diet and exercise is key, but I am pretty sure you can drop a lb or two by watching what you eat.

I have to admit to fast-forwarding through most of the deliberation process that the contestants went through to decide. I did see Ron "godfather" the discussion but I think that is the role he wants to play. We will see how many more weeks he lasts.

The finale is fast approaching, I can't believe we are in mid-April already. We will see how next weeks show goes.

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