Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Biggest Loser and Other Updates

I almost turned the TV off last night. I almost walked away from a program that I have devoted countless hours to, that I have written about, talked about and have credited to helping kick start my own fitness journey.

I couldn't bear it. I could not bear the blue team. I could not bear the obvious and malicious nature of the Queen Bitch Vicky. I couldn't stand to watch Heba run and jump into the arms of her husband, who (and I apologize to any Southern readers) looks and sounds like he has a kissing cousin somewhere in the back hills of Appalachia.

I don't understand how when Vicky says something pointed and mean that it is okay, but when Phil came down to ask for an apology, Heba screams that he is playing the victim. Look, I am done with Phil. As far as I am concerned he dug his own grave in this game, plus he should have tried to kick ass in the challenge and instead he just gave up, but give me a break, these women are manipulative and overly aggressive. I wonder what demons they have been stuffing down their throats for so long.

Anyway, kudos to Stacey on the green team for trying so hard to get back on the show. But really she couldn't just do another 13 steps? Come on Stacey, you really could have made me happy last night. And what was with all the tears at the beginning? You were on the ranch for a week. Why so weepy now?

So when Ed won, it really got my Irish up. I was angry. I had a physical reaction to it, like I was personally affected by this outcome, like if I saw Vicky on the street I might punch her in the baby maker.

I wasn't sure I could continue as a faithful watcher when I didn't want any of the blue team to succeed, then came the weigh in.

Amy C. I would like to give you a ten second frencher for not only growing a set and raging against the blue machine, but for playing this game for yourself. Will you be eliminated next week if you fall below the line? Possibly. But you broke up part of the "five blue strong" and restored hope to an entire audience including one woman who spends entirely too much time thinking about you and your television program.

I will close this BL recap by saying that Brady looks good and he looks like an attentive father. It is hard to feel happy for him when I am filled with a venomous hatred for his wife, but he seems to be reaching his weight loss goals and if he can pass that on to his children then that is a good thing. I also have to say that his wife might be effing crazy. Mental illness is not something to joke about, but that bitch is nuts. Until next week my BL loving friends. . .


I am getting there. I am a little behind in terms of meeting my distance goals. I wanted to be running a consistent 3 miles everyday this week, but am hitting a wall around 2.5. That is only half of the Turkey Trot and although part of me hopes that adrenaline and the desire to avoid embarrassment will help me push through the five miles, I realize that without consistently running at least 3-3.5 miles I will have a very long morning. I have to remember that half of this is a mental game and that if I just stopped paying so much attention to the time/distance issue I might actually be able to enjoy the run. By the way, I wouldn't recommend running outside past your local recycling center and waste treatment center. Yes, it is the path to the nice area of town but it doesn't smell good at all.

National Novel Writing Month

I am up to 6909. I have been there since Friday. I haven't written one word since. My plan to get some time in last night backfired because the hubby didn't make it home until 7:30 and God forbid I miss the BL. Nap time today is writing time. My goal is to get to 10,000 by the end of today.

Don't Miss Top Chef

Top Chef is on tonight on Bravo. Check it out.


  1. I am going to try to convince Heather to blog about Top Chef as a guest on No Cynics Allowed.

    What are you feeling when you hit the wall at 2.5 miles? Is it mental or physical?

  2. Totally mental. UGH.

    Looking forward to reading the TC blog posts.

  3. I was so looking forward to your post today since I had the same reaction... if you looked closely at scenes from next week, you can see the evil "Revenge" note that Vicky posted as her weekly motivation calling Amy C. a Bitch... when Bob talks trash about someone, you know it's bad.

  4. who watches BL over a new episode of House? i may have to learn you some TV manners girl. Although Top Chef is ok.

    let's hug it out.

  5. House has been tivod and I am looking forward to watching it after Bones--yeah that's right Bones.

    The note that is on Vicky's door is a clear indication that she is super crazy. Heather you are so right about Bob. He is like the sweetest guy in the world and you can tell how hard he is trying to remain positive when he so clearly knows he has the worst team ever.