Monday, November 24, 2008

Everybody Loves a Parade?

Yesterday we did something as a family. We hit the downtown Stamford Holiday parade in the freezing cold. The Lady passed out in the car on our way and slept through parking, putting her in the carriage, walking three blocks, the beginning of the parade and a police motorcycle motorcade complete with sirens and lights.

When the first balloon came into site. We woke her up. It took her a minute or two to get adjusted to what she was seeing, but by the time Big Bird made his way down she was waving.

Did I mention it was freezing? We packed it up after Elmo made his way down the road, about an hour into the parade. I figured skipping Santa was no big deal, considering she has no idea who he is. We spent the rest of the day hanging out with my sister who is home from college, then going over to my brother's to watch the Giants. I made some chili, my first attempt. I thought it turned out pretty good. The Lady, however, was feeling the effects of a shortened nap. Little Miss Cranky Pants was not so good. Luckily she went right to sleep when we got home.

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