Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Biggest Loser and Other Updates


What was Amy C. thinking? Does she really believe that those smug, selfish blue team members are really going to save her if she ever falls below the yellow line? Why Amy C? Why? You had the opportunity to eliminate one of the biggest game players ever, a person who, for the entire week, called you a backstabbing bitch and who hung a REVENGE poster on her door--naming you specifically. A revenge poster! UGH!!!!

Amy--you did something for yourself last week and you had the opportunity to do it again this week. A decision that would help you in the end and would benefit me and the rest of the BL watching community who cannot stand another minute of Vicky or one word that comes out of her mouth. I am pretty sure she said she hated her kids again this week. I might not have gotten that totally verbatim but it was pretty much along those lines.

By voting for Vicky, Amy could have guaranteed herself a few more weeks as long as she didn't fall below the yellow line and she could have guaranteed me a little less anxiety as the numbers start to dwindle and it looks like a Vicky in the final three might happen. Mean people should not win money.

The best part about the whole Vicky/Amy drama is that Vicky said that it was a personal attack against her when Amy voted off Brady. I find that pretty interesting considering that they tried to say that when they voted Amy P. off it had nothing to do with Phil. Hypocrites!

Okay, I am calming down. Let's talk a little about the 80's outfits. Look, I don't like Heba one bit but they showed an overhead shot of her in a leotard and fish net stockings lifting her legs. How embarrassing. There is no way that a crotch shot like that could have gone unnoticed. Dear Lord--please, please, please do not make these people wear anything more revealing until the end of the show where they have actually lost a ton of weight. I kept on waiting for Ed's junk to fly out of his little black shorts. I also couldn't take one word Bob said seriously while he was wearing his "Frankie Says Relax" t-shirt.

Oh, and the breakdancing. When the black team all stood in line and did the wave, I just kept thinking worm, worm, worm, please somebody do the worm. Alas, I was denied that great pleasure but am still trying to erase the images burned into my retinas. I hope those women had some time for a shave or a wax before they had to put on those leotards.

Run. Run. Run.

In a week from tomorrow it is Turkey Trot time. I am feeling better running overall. I still am hovering around the 30 minute mark and I am hoping to push that a little bit this week just to see how I feel. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I will probably not sleep well the night before and I will be praying that there is no rain.


The novel is a little stalled. We are still hovering around the 10,000 word mark and I am hoping to get a few hours in this weekend to lift that and then make a huge push at the end. Time has become my enemy in a lot of things this week. I just don't want to get up early and do anything. I do want to finish this though and it will be a big step in the right direction.

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  1. I watch the BL with Heather out of one eye. However, Vicky is the only name I know on the show because I, too, wish she would depart with great haste.

    Regarding the running and the sleep, note that the more important night of sleep is 2 nights before (Tuesday for you). The same goes for eating although for 5 miles you shouldn't have to worry too much about that.