Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I know, I know. . .

I have been a terrible blogger this week and I apologize. I am very quickly losing all motivation to do anything. Maybe it was the time change and the fact that once it hits four o'clock in the afternoon all I want to do is crawl into my bed and take a nice long nap, interrupted only by Oprah and some TLC.

I have also been kind of slacking in the good mothering category. As I type this the Lady is sleeping in her crib. It is 5:30 in the afternoon. Needless to say we didn't get our usual nap in today and that was my fault. I did have a photo session this morning and then in the afternoon took advantage of the holiday and got to the gym. I know I should wake her up or she will be awake until 10 o'clock tonight but I still haven't decided on dinner and I feel I owe my readers something this week!

Okay, okay, I will get her up in five minutes. Then I will throw some soup in a bowl, defrost some bread wait for my husband to get home, have him deal with dinner and the reinvigorated Lady and I will go take a shower and try to get my word count up on the novel.

For all those Veterans out there, thank you. I hope everyone else is having a good day and I promise I will write something vaguely interesting tomorrow that isn't just about the BL and my very sorry and pathetic attempt to run 5 miles.



  1. I count on you to kill a few minutes each day at work so please get to it. Steadman's Army and I are waiting for your post tomorrow.

  2. Why is your attempt to run 5 miles pathetic? I disagree.

    In other news, am watching the BL right now and paying more attention than usual...definitely looking forward to your post.

  3. I too count on and enjoy reading! Looking forward to upcoming posts.
    I am with you on the 4pm thing - who knew that a 1 hour change could make such a huge difference in my day? At 4:00 when everyone is cranky I think - we can't possibly eat dinner yet but I guess their little bodies still think it is 5:00. We are pushing through but the 4-6pm time in our house hasn't been my favorite!

  4. I love you all. Thank for your comments. Bill--I need a kick of motivation to get me through the next two weeks.

    Sheils--anything I can do to quell the boredom of the daily 9-5 is my pleasure.

    Kristen--I am thinking of pulling a Cheri and hiring a babysitter for those two hours so I can reclaim my sanity and make dinner.