Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Rocked the Vote

The Lady and I just got back from the polls. It is beautiful out. We made a quick Dunkies run (I know, but I haven't been there in like a week and a half and there was the possibility that I would have to buy the Lady's silence with a glazed munchkin) and then walked to the school behind our house to vote.

There was a line. There was also a woman loudly complaining about the line. I am not a fan of people who try to draw attention to themselves in public places, unless they are saying something hilarious. I also don't like when people lead you in conversations so that you have to respond by asking them a follow up question. Case in point:

How are you? (Everyone knows you just answer this by saying OK or fine or good, you don't actually answer it)

Good, but I am not sure about my daughter/father/dog/fish, etc. . .

Ugh. Polite follow-up question.

Sorry, that was a little tangent but just wanted to point out one of my pet peeves.

Anyway, we were anticipating a wait today, so I tried to go a little later in the morning to avoid the rush of people who actually work. The process from start to finish only took 21 minutes. I did have to appease the Lady with half a munchkin and the Wet Ones container but I felt good about getting out and voting. I feel good about getting out of the house period, but to have a goal always makes it more satisfying.

I encourage you all to get out and vote, regardless of your candidate of choice. Also, grab a "I Voted" sticker and head to either Krispy Kreme or Starbucks (for those of you on the dark side), they are handing out freebies for those who voted.


  1. Did the lady wear your bra on her head when you went to vote or were you able to get that away from her?

  2. Nice work. It took Heather and I about 80 minutes to vote...not bad considering the line was about 75 yards long at 6:05 AM.

    Can you resend me that site you were using for your running training plan? I have a friend who might be interested in it too. How is the running going?