Thursday, April 1, 2010

Once Upon a Time, Not So Long Ago

On Saturday I saw Bon Jovi. I am not sure if there are words to describe this, but I will try.

I will say that this concert experience was quite different than the first time I saw them in 5th grade, the Slippery When Wet Tour, Madison Square Garden. But it was still awesome.

When I got home the Lady asked me "Why you go to Jon Boni?" Well Lady, let me explain. . .

1. I got to celebrate the birthday of a really good friend.

2. An hour and a half in the car with three of my girlfriends, no kids, no kid music and plenty of uninterrupted chatting time.

3. An hour and a half mani/pedi with same said girlfriends, plus a lot of foot rubbing, hand rubbing and back rubbing (not by said girlfriends) but by the nimble hands of a certified nail technician.

4. Mohegan Sun--where the lights are bright, the drinks are cold, the arena is smack dab in the middle of the casino and where you could spend days and days people watching.

5. Forty-something ladies wearing tight, black, bejeweled t-shirts that said things like "Mrs. Bon Jovi."

6. A cold icy Margarita.

7. A woman in the bathroom with a can of hair spray, spraying her long, straight black hair. I mean really do you need hairspray for straight hair?

8. Suffering through the opening act of a band that we think might have won a radio contest and never told us its name. Also, remembering why you always go into a concert at least an hour after the time on the ticket. It would have given us more gambling time (even though I didn't put down one dollar) and more time for me to watch my girlfriend play Craps. I think I might actually lay down some coin next time on that game.

9. Three little words. . . Jon Bon Jovi.

10. The man still looks incredible and even though he changed his shirt like three times, he never once came out without wearing it unbuttoned to at least his navel.

11. Richie Sambora, still channeling the Slippery When Wet days, by wearing skin tight sparkly pants. Then donning the cowboy hat for "Wanted Dead or Alive." Classic.

12. Shot through the heart and you're to blame. . . darling you give love a bad name.

13. The woman on the opposite side of the arena waving a giant Bon Jovi t-shirt the entire concert--seriously lady, why didn't you just wear it?

14. The fact that Jon told the crowd that it looked like Cougar Town.

15. The couple two rows in front of us that were uncomfortably close, and sang all the songs to each other, while swaying, dancing and engaging in entirely too much PDA.

16. Did I mention Jon's exposed chest?

17. Hallelujah sung by Jon with David (the one with the perm) on keyboards.

18. The fact that I didn't know any of the new stuff, but since it is Bon Jovi and it all kind of sounds like Bon Jovi, it was still good.

19. Jon walking the crowd, singing with female fans and actually making them sigh and swoon.

20. Three amazing women to share, laugh, sing-along and snicker with.

So that's why Jon Boni, Lady, that's why.


  1. I am so jealous! You can never go wrong with Jon- never.

  2. They should call him Bone-Jovi, cuz i'd totally bone him.

  3. Steadman, it is like you are inside my mind. Inside it. Hey, any chance a guest blog is on its way. . .

  4. Fun read. Sounds like a great time.

  5. Loved it! Gret time with all of you and JBJ of course.