Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On Reducing, Reusing and Trying to Sell All Your Crap

I signed up for a table the CTMom's 2nd Annual Tag Sale.

I was excited to get rid of some of the stuff that we have accumulated in the last few years, and I was hoping to unload a ton of baby clothes.

The tag sale, of course, coincided with the one weekend that both my husband and my mom were out of town. This left me to rely on my sister to watch my kids on Saturday. No easy task, when you consider that she has a two year old and an 8 month-old of her own. I have to thank her for picking them up, feeding them, keeping them entertained and making them nap. Especially, since the Little Lady has a bit of a cold and Lord knows, the Lady can have her moments.

Friday night was set up night from 6-9 pm. I had to have the new sitter come to watch the ladies. When I got to the church where the sale was to be held, they had double booked the cafeteria and I spent the next two hours sitting in the hallway trying to tag some of my items. I was however able to sell a couple of things to fellow moms and before the sale even started Saturday morning, I had made 22 bucks!

Now, I know that a tag sale is a place to unload your unwanted items. However, it doesn't mean that some of this stuff still doesn't have value. I priced my items pretty fairly, and not for nothing, a lot of my stuff was brand new and never worn, which is why I have to wonder why people feel the need to try and nickle and dime you over somethings. Case in point a woman came in and took almost everything off my table that still had price tags on it. Had I charged her the "full" asking price on these items, which was like $2-$5 each, it probably would have been like $75, still a pretty good deal for everything she was getting. I gave her a deal and told her she could have it all for $50. She tried to lowball me at $25. We went back and forth and I went as low as $40. She came back with $39. Really? Really? $39? You can't just pay the extra dollar?

The best part about it was she paid with a $100 bill and then came back at the way end of the sale looking for some more deals. I had already closed my table up by then. I mean, I am all for getting a bargain, but give me a break. At that point, I would have rather given everything to the charity for free then take another penny from that lady.

Anyway, at the end of the day I made about $200, which was about $50 more than I made last year. All the money is going toward our Disney World Vacation Fund. The Lady needs her Princess fix. . .

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