Friday, December 21, 2012

Things I Never Thought I'd Say

There are a lot of things that I have said in the last five years that I never expected to come out of my mouth.

Things like:

Please stop drumming on your vagina.

Of course it tastes disgusting that is why we don't eat ear wax.

It's Chuck E. Cheese's not Chucky Jesus.

QT, please take my phone off your penis.

No, you can't go to Polish school because we aren't Polish and you don't understand Polish.

I have HER2+ breast cancer that has metastasized to my hip bone. It is aggressive and advanced.


Oh wait, I say that all the time.

So there it is.

My life has so quickly been altered and I don't know how this is going to turn out. I do know that I have no option but to move forward and to fight as hard as I can.

When there are big moments in your life, it is hard not to think of something you saw on Oprah. So in an attempt to get some clarity, I tried my own "Eat, Pray. Love." moment where I asked the universe what I should do. I was hoping for something like "Eat, Sleep, Take a Hawaiian Vacation" but instead it just answered Fight and Write, which I will do, but not just on The Three Bean.

Here, you will still find me blogging about my beautiful babies and although there will obviously be some crossover this will still be the place where my focus is motherhood and parenting and all the crazy that goes along with it.

If you are at all interested in reading posts about cancer that are titled things like "Getting Wiggy With It" or "Betrayed by Your Boobs" you can find me over at (surprise, surprise) I will start posting in the New Year.

And while I am on the subject of things I never thought I'd say, I have to admit to you that I like that One Direction song "Little Things" even though I don't understand what they are trying to say about fitting into jeans. Are they ok with fat asses? I am unsure. However the song is hauntingly melodic and you can't deny the power of a boy band.


  1. Plan Bee loves you and your kids...ur husbands ok too i guess

  2. The Three Beans love Plan Bee.

  3. Aileen, I love you more than lounging on my squishy blue couch with a Fosters's oil can & a box of Mallowmars while watching endless episodes of DuckDynasty!
    Fight&EffinWrite my friend!
    BTW, the best line is a toss up between "It's Chuck E. Cheese's not Chucky Jesus" & "Please stop drumming on your vagina."
    Can't wait 2 see you & the fam 2morrow-

  4. I love you bean! We are all fighting for you. Will, Abby, Frank and I are all here for you.

  5. Aileen - Peter and I are keeping you, Troy and the kids in our prayers.

  6. A., I know you're a fighter, and you will triumph. Know that you are loved, and we're all praying. Tracy

  7. Wait just one minute.... it's NOT Chucky Jesus?? I really thought he was a combination of evil and good all in one. Now I have to change my ENTIRE religious outlook. :)
    Aileen, you may not know it but you inspire with laughter and I've shaken my head in recognition more than once when reading about your three bean salad. Keep on writing and let us be your safe place to just enjoy life, your family and your friends! You WILL get through this and you will be okay and if there's anything I, or ct-moms, can do in the process, don't even think twice! Except, of course, parting with alcohol.... that's always kind of a tough ask :)

  8. Remind me, what is wrong with druming on my vigina? Love you always- Clare

  9. Thinking of you & praying for you in Atlanta! You will beat this! :)

  10. You are an amazing and strong woman, our prayers and positive energy is with you always.

  11. If I didn't think you were awesome already.. you are now "much more awesome"- which coincidentally, is a fantastic ice cream brand in NZ- I will eat plenty for you while you are kicking C's ass. I love all the things you never thought you'd say- except for the cancer part- I will be praying that very soon, you will be changing it to "I am a survivor of breast cancer." :) Lots of love to you, hubby, and the kiddos.

  12. Love you, Aileen!!! You are awesome and strong!!! Thinking about you everyday. - Kristen V.

  13. Just want to thank you all for your comments and your support. I have been nothing but overwhelmed with the outpouring of love, prayers, and good thoughts from friends and family near and far. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    love, Bean