Monday, December 31, 2012

QT Gets a Haircut!

It has finally happened. In order to end this year on some sort of up note, I present to you the newly shorn QT.

In full disclosure we went to get the haircut on Christmas Eve. I took him to Snip-Its and we got the whole certificate/hair in a dime-bag sized bag and paid more than a few dollars more than SuperCuts.

The Ladies weren't too happy that their first haircut didn't end with a certificate and a toy, although they both left there with a tattoo, a handful of dum-dum lollipops, and the promise that haircut number two will be there too.

QT was pretty good. He didn't like the spray bottle to the head, but it was hard to concentrate on what was going on with him because the Ladies were running around that place and climbing into empty chairs with such frequency that I found myself threatening them with no Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Here are a few pics.

The before. The tail is a bit extreme.

The first cut.

In the chair.

The after.


  1. Handsome boy!! Happy New Year, Beans!!

  2. Just noticed those fingernails... how in the world did she get her fingers in the scissors with those things???

    1. She was very festive. Also rocked a sparkle Santa hat