Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Wrap Up

Was everyone else ready to send their kids back to school yesterday? The Ladies once again doth protested. The Lady thinks school is "boring" she wants to be chauffeured there in the morning and home again in the afternoon and hates the bus again.

Speaking of the bus, you know that one that drops off everyday at 4 p.m. sometimes not until 5 after. Yesterday it showed up at 3:45. Guess who wasn't at the bus stop waiting? Me and our new sitter who needs to know when and where to get the Lady off the bus. Thank you kindly to the very nice mother who walked the Lady home. Can you say total parenting fail on my part?

Below are a few photos from our very busy couple of weeks. The Ladies went to see the Nutcracker ballet the Sunday before Christmas. They thought sunglasses were appropriate attire. They did have a great time and it did allow me some time to wrap some gifts.

We headed up to my in laws on Christmas Eve and headed home with the beginning of all the loot these kids would receive. I will admit that this year I went a little overboard for them. Add that to everything they got Christmas afternoon at my sisters and the Christmas Eve haul and these kids made out. So much so that my husband actually went out and bought a shelving unit with bins to store all the new crap. We probably should have removed a few things from the house before we brought anything else in but I am hoping to sneak around their room one night hoping not to break my neck on any small pieces of plastic that might be strewn about the floor and gather up some old toys to donate.

My hubby had the kids all week and he did get them out of the house for a bit. We celebrated the Wild Man's 5th b-day and hung out with some family. Overall it was busy and full of arts and crafts and cars and trains.

Here are a few pics:

The Ladies on their way to the Nutcracker! Thank you Aunt Stephie and Aunt Courtney!
Christmas morning. Santa brought scooters for the Ladies. The Little Lady was unhappy that she couldn't ride it outside. I explained to her that even though she was wearing the appropriate safety gear she wasn't wearing any clothes.

Poor QT. Soon they will be applying sparkle face cream on you as well. The Lady created her own Salon, complete with an open/closed sign. You should have seen the botched nail job the Little Lady did on me.

The big kids Christmas afternoon.
QT "ice skating" in silly socks he took from his sister's drawers. I have to love not only his commitment to cars, blocks and balls but to pink socks and princess legos.

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