Friday, January 25, 2013

Cabin Fever

The Lady stayed home from school almost all this week. We started the week on Monday morning in the pediatricians office with all three kids. The Lady had some sort of cold/cough combo with a fever. The Little Lady had a much lighter version of a cough and cold and as it turns out QT is suffering from an ear infection.

When the doctor told us about QT both my husband and I said "oh, good" not because we want him to suffer but because we just wanted to justify rolling up three kids deep at $25 bucks per kid and not walking out of there with the doctor telling us that everyone just had a cold.

Because the Lady was homebound this week so was everyone else. The Little Lady made it to school two days but for the most part they (and my poor babysitter) were stuck inside all week. Things started unraveling quickly, although not during the day when the sitter was there, but at night as soon as I walked in the door.

QT was clingy, the Little Lady was whiny and the Lady was. . . well let's say bitchy, um. . . grouchy? Yes, let's say grouchy.

The lady wore the same pair of pajamas for three days straight. This morning we tried to get her in the bath.

Why didn't you try to bathe her last night Bean?

What's that you ask? Why didn't we try to get her in the tub last night? Well, I was radioactive and quarantined to my room, which meant that I tried to stay in my room and clean out my top two dresser drawers that had somehow turned into our filing cabinets while QT pushed his way into the room, tried to climb up my leg and then spent 10 minutes emptying my out my purse and slamming the top down on the new filing system I was trying to put into place.

Also, the Lady was so grouchy that it totally wasn't worth it. Well, I thought it wasn't worth it until this morning when my husband had both Ladies in the tub at 8 am after bribing the Lady that he would drive her to school if she took a bath and then proceeded to lose it when the bubbles started flying in his general direction.

That is when I gathered up my bags and crept out of there. I think the sitter thinks we are crazy. I am also pretty sure we are going to have to change up our morning routine. Here's to hoping everyone feels better soon!

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