Friday, January 4, 2013

I Also Hate the Bus

I think we all know that the Lady doesn't like the bus. I don't really blame her, but the fact remains she has to ride it.

Do I wish we lived closer to her school? Yup. Do I wish I could drop her off and pick her up every day (well, maybe not every day)? Yup. However, that isn't the case and unfortunately we pack her on a bus full of kids who we don't know and who can be saying or doing any number of things out of my control.

So last night when the Lady said she had a secret for me, I wasn't sure what she was going to say. I leaned over and she cupped her hands around my ear and got really, really close and said:

"Guess what (insert some name here that starts with an M and I couldn't understand due to the close proximity of her mouth to my ear) said to a little kid on the bus today? You are going to be so angry mommy (said in a giddy voice)."


"He said 'fuck the shuck up'"

FYI. . . in our house "stupid" is a bad word.

Although, I will admit that both me and her father curse like sailors and that I had to stifle a quick laugh after she repeated those words to me because I am pretty sure he said "shut the fuck up," I don't want the Lady to say anything close to that.

I feel like I have thrown my Lady to the wolves and said "Have at her world, have at my sweet Lady, teach her curse words and make her dread the bus. Shove her into an uncomfortable seat with no supervision and make me feel guilty about it because I am supposed to be at work 15 minutes before she gets on."

Ugh. I already promised her that I would drive her one day next week. Hopefully, she won't hear me telling the other drivers to fuck off on the ride there.


  1. good one - K in Atlanta

  2. You really know how to make a person cry and LOL in the same day!!