Sunday, November 23, 2008


Is anybody out there watching Grey's Anatomy? Why am I wasting my time watching Izzy have a sexual relationship with her dead fiance that she never even dated outside of the hospital? It is just weird and why aren't those Interns going to jail? Isn't it illegal to perform surgery on someone without passing some sort of test?

Also, where has George been? It looks like he pops in for like three lines each episode. I don't know, I do love the over the top soap operatic behavior of the show but are we jumping the shark here?

One last thing did they seriously do a poop transplant? Look, if you didn't know already you know now, I love poop jokes, but really a poop transplant? Did you see Alex mixing it up on the table? Gross.

Just venting (and procrastinating) if anybody watches feel free to comment.

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  1. I admit- I use your blog to procrastinate. How else would I get through the day. I rely on this and Facebook.