Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is the big 3-3. Let me just start by saying that facebook is nice on your b-day because everyone is reminded and sends a little note and you don't actually have to talk to anyone on the phone. Texting is also good for this!

Thank you all for your b-day wishes. Most of my loyal readers have already sent on their greetings and I am grateful.

For my b-day, I asked my husband for tickets to a Yankee game. I hadn't been to one since before the Lady was born. With the new stadium up and the Sox in town, it looked like it would be a good night. Now, I didn't specify that we needed to see the Boston series and I didn't specify that we needed to go around my birthday. In my years of Yankee game attendance I have learned a few things. Number one being that it rains a lot in the early season and it is often cold, it is not that brisk October air that is tolerable during playoffs, but a damp, (dare I say moist?) cold that is just miserable. Add a few innings of heavy rain and a loss and the allure of the new stadium wears off quickly.

I was envisioning a nice warm evening sometime in late June, what I got were a few dry early innings where the cold wasn't too bad, which turned a wee bit sour once the rain started and the Yanks again failed to drive in any of their base runners. I did get to spend a few hours alone (well minus the 46,000 other people) with my husband and that hasn't happened in a while. We commiserated under his giant golf umbrella and stuck it out to the ninth, nimbly bypassing a guy who was yelling at everyone for leaving the game early. I would have stayed until the end, if the train schedule was a little more accommodating and if perhaps the Yanks had a chance.

I will say the new stadium is really nice. I mean where else do you get to see baseball history all around you and pay $11 for a beer? Go Yanks!

Tonight we are going out to dinner as a family, the hubby, the Lady and myself. Once we get home I plan on retreating upstairs to watch last night's BL episode. I promise I will update.


  1. Happy Birthday Bean! Enjoy dinner. Hope that you guys go someplace nice.

  2. Happy Birthday Bean -
    Glad you got out as a couple - even you were a little wet and cold!