Friday, May 29, 2009


We have been a bit out of it lately. Here is a recap of what has happened here in the last couple weeks or so. . .

The Lady has become slightly obsessed with Dora the Explorer. At first I was okay with it because it allowed me to have something on in the background that I haven't seen eight hundred times, but now it might be getting out of hand. She is constantly talking about her "packback" and has now started to grab my hand and pull me in the other room by saying "vamanos." (I have no idea if that is spelled correctly or not, but I think you get the point.)

I guess I should be pleased that she is picking up some Spanish. Maybe I can get her to go and yell at all the customers to the La Marqueta in front of our condo, who constantly block access to our driveway.

For those of you not immersed in Dora culture, there is a little girl, Dora, her monkey sidekick Boots, Tico, a Spanish speaking squirrel, Benny the Bull and Swiper the fox. For a while the Lady had a hard time pronouncing fox and it came out like fuck. Her father and I had hours of entertainment asking her questions like "What type of animal is Swiper?" To which she would reply "fuck" and we would both laugh, amused at the lingual shortcomings of our little girl.

The Lady has also started using the word awesome, is still obsessed with trains, and has started to refer to herself in the third person. It is all good stuff.

We are looking forward to the weather turning around this weekend and are actually heading to the Shore for a weekend with some friends. I am hoping to get up to the beach a lot more this summer before baby #2 arrives. The Lady and I went to the local beach last week and she spent a good amount of time just hanging out playing in the sand. I hope this is going to be typical of our beach days, because I am not, I repeat not, going in the freezing cold LI Sound.


  1. I too have a Dora fan... She cannot go anywhere and see Dora stuff without screaming.. "Mommy Dora, Dora..." LOL... oh and yes you spelled it correctly... LOL

  2. How come your kid can say like 1000 words and my kid says bowl and ball and they sound the same?