Friday, May 8, 2009

Biggest Loser Update

So by now we all know that the final four were Ron, Mike, Tara and Helen, and that they all got sent home for thirty days before they came back to the ranch for a final weigh in to determine who moved onto the final.

The recap of the contestants journey, was slightly interesting, but the first hour kind of dragged on. I mean did Ron not think Bob was going to show up at his door after Jillian showed up for Mike? And did we really need a ten minute Jenny-O commercial thrown in the middle of it all?

So the big twist was the marathon. I was almost as disappointed as Mike was that he couldn't run, I really am kind of pulling for him, although, I like Helen as well. I know she got some slack for sending her kid home, but I say that weight loss is a personal journey and had she sacrificed herself for her daughter, she would be sitting in Michigan eating Polish sausage and feeling sorry for herself.

I was glad to see the prior contestants come back and run with everyone during the marathon, and the fact that everyone went out to greet Ron, was great. I was proud of him that he actually finished something. Too often on the show, it just looks like he hangs out on the treadmill and doesn't really do anything but try to influence the eliminations.

Speaking of eliminations, Brown had the misfortune of falling below the yellow line. Who voted? Anyone? I would be interested to see how most people voted. I was not at all surprised that both Ron and Mike urged the American voting public to vote for the other person. It wasn't quite as selfish as last season when Heba said to vote for her and so did her husband. We all know how that turned out. (BTW. . . since I am feeling a little catty and kind of f-a-t myself, Heba didn't look that great out on the marathon walk!)

I am interested to see who America votes for. If Mike is in, I think he has the best chance of winning the whole thing. We will see in the live finale. Tune in.

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