Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Biggest Loser Finale!!!

WOW we have a winner. Helen, your body was teeny-tiny, 117lbs? Can you believe she beat out Mike and Tara?

So, I wasn't prepared for a three hour season finale and started watching a wee bit too early, so that almost the entire final hour was actually live and I had to sit through all the recap and commercials, but overall it was well worth it.

I almost forgot who half the contestants were, I can't believe how skinny Jerry was. I mean that guy almost died on the first show and he ended up taking home the 100 grand. It was great fun to watch some of the contestants come out and have Allison tell them how much they would have had to have lost to beat Jerry and it was so very, very, obvious that they didn't even come close.

Speaking of weight loss, Allison looked pretty good post-baby. Her waist was small.

Some of my favorite moments were when:

Dave showed up weighing almost as much as he did when he left? I mean seriously, you know the guy just downed a chicken wing or two before he stepped out there.

Joelle and Carla actually had to be civil to each other and Joelle still tried to talk like she gave it her all.

Filipe and Sione came out. I really liked those guys and I thought they looked great.

Some of my least favorite moments were when:

We had to sit through the "voting" process for two contestants to fill the final spot in next season's show. I mean I am sure I will be vested in the winner come next year, but until then, I don't need to see her sweating behind the scenes with Bob and Jillian.

All the recap. I mean, come on, I was a loyal viewer, all they did was show a thousand clips that we have all seen already.

I wasn't surprised when America picked Mike, but I was shocked to see how small he was. He looked a little too tiny if you ask me, but Ron looked healthy and happy and I was happy to see him walk out with a shirt on. I was also surprised that they kept putting the camera on Max and it looked like he didn't lose one lb in the weeks that his dad and brother were home. I am still hoping he drops a few so he can build up some self-esteem in that skinny family of his.

I think I would have been happy for any of the three finalists to have taken it home, but I was glad to see Helen win it. I do kind of feel bad for her daughter, who is still like a buck ninety, while her 48 year old mom is smoking hot wearing a size 2, but I think if Tara had won I would have been a little disappointed. I think she looked great and I am sure she will maintain her weight loss, but she already won so much stuff and she just kept whining and whining all season long.

Feel free to share some comments of what you thought was good/bad/surprising about the finale.

I promise I will try to blog a bit more about other things now that the BL is over, I debated blogging about So You Think You Can Dance, which starts May 21st, but I think I will let you all just watch it and enjoy.

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