Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Biggest Loser Update

Wow, what a huge group of people. There were numbers on that scale last week that were staggering. As much as I don't like to think of myself gaining weight to think of myself gaining 100 to 200 pounds to even come close to the weight of some of these people is overwhelming. I will admit it also makes me feel a little bit better about myself.

The first week is always tough. It is hard to gauge the personalities of the contestants, especially when you have little time to really get to know them. Who knows there may be player out there that may rival the bitchy overly competitive nature of Vicky, but we aren't going to see that until at least week two.

Highlights and Insights

The comments that Bob and Jillian had while watching everyone work out by themselves were priceless. I guess you don't get to 364lbs by working out.

White team: I wouldn't actually call a 63 year old man passing out on the floor of the gym a highlight but it made for some serious drama and really showed how sick some of these people really are. Kudos to Jerry for dropping a whopping 25lbs--whether or not it was just fluids from his hospital visit or not, 25lbs is a pretty good feat.

Brown team: That dad is huge. The son is only 18. How does that happen America? How does that happen?

Green team: Former models? For what an old Caldor catalog? Now, I know I am not runway material but both of those girls fell hard and far off the modeling train. I kind of like Tara, she seems really motivated and I hope she goes far, Laura on the other hand was kind of whiny.

Black team: Those guys are 28 years old. 28. I am not too keen on the fact that their names rhyme but whatever, the fact of the matter is they are lucky they won the challenge and if they can post big numbers they will definitely be a factor in this show.

Blue team: Love the Tongan team. Love em.

Orange team: Best friends Daniel and David are ginormous. Daniel is the biggest guy ever on the show weighing in at a whopping 454lbs. The guy is 5'8'' and only 19 how many hamburgers Daniel? How many?

So, they threw us a curve ball the first week and sent 9 players home. I get the fact that the producers want to show America that they can see results at home as well, but these people are so big and the point of the show is to get them healthy. What I would like to see is the contestants staying for two or three weeks before anyone goes home just so we can get some results and give them the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity they have been given.

Having said that, I am not a producer of this program--although I think I might make a pretty good one considering my love of television, make-over programs and basic understanding of the wants of the American television viewing population--and since they made the decision I will have to go with it and see what happens next week. Stay tuned.

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