Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Why did the promos set up the fact that brown and orange were going to be below the yellow line? Just thinking about sending one of those two big breasted boys home was enough to make my heart hurt for days leading up to last nights episode.

I love how they still tried to make the weigh-in super dramatic even though we knew already who the choices would be. Bob's team had the advantage in terms of numbers so I knew that Daniel would be going home. I have to say that David really didn't get it. I don't think Tara had to cry about it at the elimination table but that guy was still smoking, eating fried food and I think he now weighs more than Daniel, who to date has lost 101 pounds. Now for those of you counting at home that means he still weighs 353 pounds on a 5'8" frame so in all actuality he has to drop another 150-200lbs to fall within the normal weight range for his body. I hope he can do it, he looks like he is still motivated and I am looking forward to the finale.
I am also looking forward to the weigh in next week with the at home contestants. We will see how much their work paid off.

On a side note--is everyone else just totally in awe of Ron's body type? When that guy takes his shirt off the only thing I can think about is that guy who lives in Jabba the Hut's basement and takes care of that monster that Luke kills with the door. You know this guy. . . except way worse off in terms of stomach rolls.

By the way, in my search for a photo of this guy, I found out that the monster is called a Rancor and the guys name is Malikili. Just in case any of you were wondering.
I mean how did his stomach get like that? Even if he loses a ton of weight he is still going to have some serious skin issues that will only be solved by a scalpel and some serious manscaping.
Anyway, I was glad to see Blaine got a chance to go home and see his wife. I feel for that girl, first of all she is like a skinny little stick and she has four kids and her husband left her at home by herself with a newborn and three other kids so he can work on his own weight problem. I think he should take some tips from her in the future. Also, does Dane speak? Is there something wrong with him--you know is he a little touched in the head? I don't think I have heard him speak one complete sentence since the show started. He is dropping big numbers though, so something is working.
Until next week all. Looking forward to seeing Carla's number on the scale. I am still routing for team blue. I love those Samoan guys!


  1. I am now hooked on BL- I was a hold out for a long time. I watched an episode in St. Lucia and now I cannot get enough. I too am routing for Blue!

  2. You know Malikili had a genetic condition that led to his obesity, right? And watching his beloved Rancor get killed led to some really unhealthy eating habits to mask his depression and pain. I mean, fun is fun but you have really overstepped the boundry this time. You should seriously consider taking some sort of sensitivity training.

  3. bean...first off, who is this steadman's army character?? 2nd...i watched BL last night (2-3-09) and that old man had 2 sets of man boobs!!! that was really gross...i mean one set of man boobs is bad but 2!?? YIKES! love you

  4. a little late to "weigh in" on the ron double-boob issue, but my guess is that it's due to his gastric bypass surgery. even after laparotomy, skin-body wall adhesions can form, so i've just been assuming that's what it is. also, bariatric surgery patients tend to have a different distribution of body fat anyway. i'd love to hear if anyone found out the real reason though.

    p.s. i do love the starwars reference, but to me, he looks like some sort of giant insect with a weird exoskeleton