Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday

So last year I was totally excited for the Super Bowl, not only was my team in the big game but the Lady was still small enough to travel well and fall asleep on a queen bed in someone elses house.

This year we will be watching from home. I am not taking her anywhere due to the fact that she gets into everything has a tendency to find the most fragile thing in the room and proceed to play with it.

I haven't decided who to root for yet. I know my friend Bill will be whipping out the terrible towel and apparently the terrible cake, but I always love the underdog--case in point last year's amazing win by the Giants, so it will be a game time decision. There is also the very real possibility that I will be in bed before the game ends, although I do want to see the Office episode after the game, but that is where the magic of Tivo comes in.

To all of you celebrating and watching tonight, don't eat too many chips and remember that now that the football season is over we only have six short months before fantasy football starts up again. It is so nice to have something to look forward to!


  1. The Terrible Towel has been on my office door the last two weeks. Today, it is with me everywhere I go. Unfortunately, right now that happens to be at the office again.

    As you decide who to root for, remember this. The Cardinals won their division this year for the first time EVER. So what do their fans do for their first home playoff game? Nothing. They didn't even sell out their stadium. This makes them, in my opinion, less than a football team.

    Tonight will be a Steelers home game because the Cardinal fans (do you even know any non-bandwagon fans because I don't ) will stay home with their backyard pools. Please note that I do have a heteromancrush on Larry Fitzgerald.

    Also, I rooted for the Giants last year so you owe me. My rooting made all the difference.

  2. Good luck to your team Bill!

  3. I rooted for you Bill. It was a close one and that is all I really wanted. I hate those blow out games. Plus, I really like Troy Palomano's wild and crazy hair. Also, one of my sister's law school roomates is a Rooney so I figured it was a good idea to go in that direction as well. I am glad you got the outcome you wanted!