Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Hangover?

Anybody out there nursing a little bit of a headache today? Congrats to all you Steeler fans, it was a great game. I will admit to being a bit distracted while watching. My husband took the Lady over to my brother's house, so yes we did actually go out, so that I could finish up some work here. I will not bore you with the drama that is my computer situation at this point, but lets just say I am having daydreams of that scene in Office Space where they take a bat to the copy machine.

Anyway, I missed the first couple of commercials on the ride over and chasing the Lady around so she doesn't put her fingers in any sockets or break anything doesn't lend itself to a Zen like focus on the game. I will say I was disappointed. Nothing really grabbed me as something "super" memorable.

The Conan bit was funny, there were too many horse commercials and car commercials in general are not only all the same but all super boring, so I didn't come away really in awe of any one commercical. You can check them all out on or one of the thousands of websites picking these things apart today. I understand that advertisers didn't want to go totally overboard in this economy but from my very limited understanding of marketing isn't that what you are supposed to do when times are tough? Aren't you supposed to wow us so that we buy your product above your competitor? I mean I know that the ad space cost 3 million dollars each but come on.

In summary, the terrible towel prevailed in a really good game but the commercials kind of sucked!

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