Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Biggest Loser Updates

Not too much drama on last nights show. Now that Joelle is out it seems like everyone is just trying to lose the weight.

I was glad to see Purple win the challenge, especially since their numbers on the scale were awful.

I do think that this season does lack some fiery personalities so it is hard to really root against anyone right now. Dare I say I miss Vicky and her conniving, bitchy ways? I am getting a little tired of the Yellow team always crying, and Tara is starting to grate on my nerves a little bit. I applaud her work ethic but she always has something to say and sometimes I wish she would just zip it.

I was sad to see Blaine go, but I wasn't surprised he volunteered himself. I was also glad to see the results he has gotten at home and I am sure his wife was super psyched that he was home.

Blue team had another big week and those guys are my favorites so far. I want to see the Brown team do well, but I think it is unfair to put all that pressure on Mike. Aren't there some low impact exercises that Ron can do that put limited strain on his knees? I mean I don't even see him wearing a knee brace and they have that huge pool, that guy should be out there everyday swimming laps like a pre-pot smoking Michael Phelps.

Now that they are getting down to individual play it will be interesting how the rest of the season plays out. There are still a lot of people out there who have so much weight to lose. I think half of them are still above 300 or just broke that barrier.

Until next week when the contestants get locked out of the gym for a week. Hopefully, this won't be a Grand Canyon revisitied where everyone just sat around and for God Sakes Ron--get those breasts in the pool.


  1. I think that the green team has to go next. I cannot stand them. I am still rooting for the blue team. Also, did I mention that I now blame you for my addiction to BL.
    P.S. You really did mess up my computer.

  2. I missed the episode, but all this talk about Ron's breasts is really making me uncomfortable. And i like it.