Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There has been a ton of happenings in the world of entertainment in the past few days. The Grammy's showcased music's best performers. Was anybody else disappointed with the new U2 song? I think the performance just didn't feel as energetic and frenetic as I think it was supposed to. I will however be downloading the album when it comes out in March.

I also thought Coldplay didn't do that great of a job, although I did like the opening part with Chris Martin and Jay-Z. However, that song has been overplayed so much this past year, I guess the recorded version is ingrained in my head.

I was psyched to see Radiohead, loved the T.I./JT collaboration and also the Kanye/Estelle performance of American Boy, but as it turns out Kanye is very disturbed by the Chris Brown/Rhianna drama that has unfolded in the last few days.

Let's just say right here, right now, there is no place in this world for domestic violence. What I don't understand is what those two could have possibly been fighting about that would lead to such a quick escalation of violence. I mean they are 19 and 20 years old. Disturbia indeed.

So, just read some breaking news on US Weekly.com. No, I don't check their site every day, they just so happen to send me e-mail updates daily. A quick recap: Chris Brown and Rhianna, Grammy Fashion, Kanye "completley devestated", Jessica is still battling the bulge and George and Izzy are leaving Grey's.

Yup, you heard it here apparently they are both leaving Seattle Grace for bigger and better things. I almost forgot George was on the show, until he popped in for three lines last week in that painful two hour crossover special I had to watch and will apparently have to watch again this week. Can we just get it straight--Private Practice is not good and everyone on that show is whinier then Meredith ever was. I guarantee you that Derrick saves the guy from Melrose and everyone lives happily ever after.

Hollywood thank you for taking the time to make my day.

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