Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Biggest Loser Update

So, I tried to watch as much of the Biggest Loser as I could on Tuesday. Luckily for me, they do repeat so much information. The Lady hasn't been going right to bed and her 8:15-8:30 bedtime has been pushed back since we have been on vacation, but by 9:08 she was out and I was able to enjoy the last hour or so in quiet.

Not much to report, the big event was that the teams got locked out of the gym, but with Bob and Jillian still working everyone out, it didn't seem like that big of an advantage. I will say I was glad to see that Bob acknowledged that Ron belonged in the pool, luckily we were spared any coverage of that!

Tara, is starting to really grind my gears. She is getting a little whiny and kind of annoying. I was glad to see that Laura actually stepped it up this week and dropped more weight then her. I understand Tara's focus and the fact that she is a big threat in the house, but less crying, whining by her will make a better show.

Also glad to see a more verbal Dane. Who knew he had so much to say!

The elimination wasn't that dramatic for me, I really like Helen but Shanon is kind of babyish and she doesn't work as hard as she should. I think she saw leaving the show as a way to not have to put in the effort. She does look good and I applaud her on her Roller Derby career choice. However she was busted after she returned home. Here is the link to that article. Maybe the Roller Derby made her a bit more aggressive then necessary.

As usual my blue boys posted big numbers. Sione is kicking some serious ass. Until next week when it looks like they split the remaining contestants into individual teams. Should be some drama. I saw Bob crying on the promo!

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