Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm Back

Sorry for the delay folks but it has been a busy two weeks. Here is a short recap:

The Lady got upgraded to a suite at the Ritz Carleton, she peed on the floor in that room too! We spent the rest of our days sunning at the pool. She didn't love the sand at the ocean though, which she will just have to suck up because I am planning on spending a lot of time at the beach before baby number two this summer.

The trip home was a nightmare. It included:

The Lady peeing through her diaper on me after we got through security. Luckily we had her pj pants from the night before, but lets just say the outfit wasn't super cute.

The Lady throwing a container of peaches in light syrup on the floor of first class and smearing yogurt on the window. Both of these things I had to clean up with my sweatshirt (the one hiding my pee-stained shirt) until the flight attendant could come around with that hot towel. Since we were sitting in the first row, I had no access to my bag filled with wipes until well after take-off.

The Lady taking a poop in first class and me having to change her in that tiny airplane bathroom.

The Lady screaming for fifteen minutes before finally falling asleep with only fifteen minutes left in the flight.

Needless to say, next time I will ride in the back of the bus as long as the Lady has her own seat and I can strap her in.

On a positive note Jared from the Subway ads was also sitting in first class. I like to think that even after all that money he's made from being fat and then eating Subway sandwiches that he still had to listen to the Lady scream.

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