Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Biggest Loser Update

I am sorry I never updated last week's episode. After all the build up of the to be continued. . . I actually missed the first twenty minutes of the show because we were up at the in-laws picking up the Lady.

I did gather that Mike lost the weight needed to keep everyone around for an extra week.

Oh, but sparks did fly. Fillipe lost it on Jillian, which was kind of fun to watch. I do love how Sione has his back.

I did find it odd that they just left and started to work out with Bob, but in all honesty who cares?

I don't know why everyone is always up Bob's ass anyway, Jillian has trained the winner for the last two seasons and they seem to be able to keep off the weight.

What I have decided about this season's cast is that they aren't really "getting it." Not only did we have the overeating, drink fest that was the 24 hours of luxury, but everyone is still crying and making excuses--please just work out. How is it that after how many weeks that people are actually putting on weight?

Tara--you are super annoying. Laura--you will relapse and gain all the weight back when you get home. Ron--seriously, you are still over 3 bills, I know your knees hurt and you are kind of old, but really you should be dropping bigger numbers. Mandy--thank goodness you stepped it up and did the right thing by going home last week, I will not miss your tears. Kristen--you still have major lbs to lose you and your mom better get on the ball because Ron isn't dropping much and I am not sure that alliance you created is actually going to help you. Mike--thank goodness you are working your ass off. Tongan cousins--just suck it up and work out with Jillian, enough is enough. Aubrey--you too need to stop crying and just step it up a bit, you are looking good. Helen--you are actually doing really well and I really like you and I am happy that you are reaching your weight loss goals and I hope that you can maintain it and go far in the competition. Jillian--stop with the bull and just train these people.

I think I covered just about everyone.

I am taking a class for the next 5 weeks on Tuesday nights, so I will have to TiVo the BL, which is probably a good thing because I can fast forward through all the recaps. I will try to update by Wednesday though, I know how much you are all looking forward to it!

Looks like the contestants go home this week. Did you see how big Ron's other son is? He is only 16. That kid better start taking after his brother or he is very quickly going to end up with the physique of his father.

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