Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

One of my goals has been to try and get some extra income into our household. It was tough last year, considering that most of my work is in the housing industry and we all know how well that part of our economy has been doing.

However, due to the lower interest rates I have seen an upswing in my part-time work. The great thing about it is that I can do it from home, the bad thing is I never know when the work will dry up. Because of that and because I recognize that I will eventually have to go back to work. I signed up at a Temp agency last fall. I had only one assignment in November and then nothing else until last week.

I got a call when we were still in FL, that the same company needed a proofreader for four days over a two week period. I realize that to those of you who actually go to work each day that a schedule like that is probably pretty ideal, however for someone who hasn't worked in an office setting since 2002, it is always a little daunting. Not only do I have to make sure I can get someone to take care of the Lady, but I actually have to worry about sitting at a desk and trying to make myself look busy.

The first day of my assignment, I walked into a desk full of work, that lasted until about 2:30 p.m. after that it was a pretty slow. I try to use my time wisely. I edited an essay for my sister at school, I made the mother of all to-do lists, a menu for the week, as well as the beginnings of what I hope will actually be an effective and accurate household budget. Since, I had no access to a computer, I was forced to fill my to-do list with the most basic--Do laundry, to the most dreaded--clean bathrooms.

Thursday, was much slower, I revised the list. I updated the menu, I brought a book, which I am hoping to finish sometime this year.

The one thing I did like about the day was that it did have some structure to it. Even in the down time, I was able to pause for a minute and try to figure out what to do in order to make my life more organized, less stressful, and above all more balanced. I think that I am ready to go back to work (maybe not full-time, or in an office. . .) but I am ready for a different part of my mind to be active. To think about a specific problem or task rather than try to remember the last time the Lady pooped. And even though not that many people talked to me, it was nice to converse with adults. The best part of the whole week was that on Thursday, I actually went out to lunch with my husband, who only works like a quarter of a mile down the road. I think that was the first time in a really long, long, long, time that we had been out in public, together and alone.

I am hoping that I get more assignments in the future, not only because it gives me the extra income we need, and that it gives me experience in the field that I eventually want to return to, but that it does give me a break from mommy mode and allows me to separate Bean from Momma!

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