Monday, March 2, 2009

The Biggest Loser Update

I know the next episode is tomorrow but better late. . .

So last week was a two night special due to the President's address. I hope everyone stayed up and watched.

The teams were divided last week and that brought out a lot of emotion in everyone including Bob. I know he is super sensitive and all into spirituality and yoga, but the guy was super upset about the breakup of his team. It is funny that all the drama this season comes from the fact that everyone loves each other too much.

I know that last season I complained that there was too much game play, that this should be a show about getting people healthy and that game play should be secondary, however this season it is virtually non-existent. While last season it made for great TV--Vicky, Heba do I dare say I miss your trickery?--I will admit that I sometimes do like this kind of touchy, feely TV. I am routing for everyone and am genuinely disappointed when one contestant has to leave.

That being said, can we please, please do something to help Ron? Knee braces? Back support? Orthopedic shoes? Something so the poor guy can drop a bit more weight, his body is starting to fold over on itself. For a three-hundred plus pound guy his waist is the smallest part of his body it is like looking at some sort of fun house hourglass, and frankly it frightens me.

So Dane got booted. He will do fine at home, in fact it looks like he ran a marathon with his super skinny wife. But I have some news out of LA today, that says in fact he did not run that entire marathon within the six hour time period and he definitely didn't run it in 3:53. Oh, the magic of TV. I guess the producers want us to believe that we really can do it at home.

I have to give props to Tara because she works her ass off, but stop the crying, the martyrdom, and the whining. I have had enough.

Stay tuned for this weeks update. . .


  1. I was REALLY impressed by the 3:53, even though it sounded like they said 5:53 during the broadcast. Now to hear that he didn't actually finish makes me angry at the show.

  2. All that television editing. He did say that he actually, went back and finished the three miles that he rode in the car for, but after the time expired, so he did actually run the full 26+ miles, but still. . . I was so impressed, now I feel used and kind of grumpy.