Friday, March 27, 2009

The Biggest Loser Update

I never commented on last week's episode. I finally got a chance to watch it on Monday night this week and to be quite honest with you, the only thing I remember is the fact that Cathy went home.

Oh, wait all the contestants went home for a week. Did you see the size of Ron's other son? Ginormous, and the mom is like a tiny little bean pole. Hey Ron--nice effort on the half marathon though--really way to power through it.

Then there was the cookie challenge. I feel a little bit bad for Tara because she got screwed out of $10,000 because someone ate a cookie, but she should recognize that she is the biggest threat.

Speaking of that, lets get to this weeks episode. Tara--do you have a target on your back?

Geez, how many times did we have to hear that? I do applaud her for pulling a car filled with 257 extra pounds across the finish line first and I do kind of feel bad that she has yet to hit the 100lb lost mark, but I am tired of her whining.

Which brings me to the point that everyone cries entirely too much on this show!

So, Aubrey got saved last week by Cathy-who looks great btw (I saw her on the Today show) and whose other daughters are also losing weight-but this week she couldn't be saved. I was actually glad that they showed her having trouble at home. I think it is much more realistic that people leave the ranch and gain back at least some of the weight. I do hope she can put herself back on the list and get moving again, but we will see at the finale.

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