Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Biggest Loser Update

I am trying to fit in my Biggest Loser update blog, while my husband tries to distract the Lady in her room with crayons. She is quick to hit the keyboard and then start crying if I tell her no, so I have to be efficient and precise. I am also trying to fit it in before Lost premiers tonight. I still have to watch the final hour of last season's finale. I got a bit behind last year and have finally caught up with the last four or so episodes in the last few days. I tell you the best way to watch that show is on TiVo.

Biggest Loser

A good weight loss week for some contestants. We saw some good numbers from the black team, team brown, and of course the big guy Daniel. Ummm. . . is David even trying at home? Every time they show him he is eating fried food in his Biggest Loser t-shirt. He will be in for a rude awakening if he gets back on the ranch.

So there was some silver team drama. I think that there is something wrong, like mentally, with Joelle. I like Carla and I particularly like her drive to succeed but listening to her yell at Joelle for 10 minutes wasn't good BL TV. I also don't like her enough to give Joelle another chance next week. Jillian's team--what were you thinking? Granted Joelle puts up low numbers, so maybe you thought she would be below the yellow line again, eliminating one spot for members of your team, but overall, silver team is more of a threat then red because they have so much more weight to lose.

I am interested in seeing how this decision affects the team dynamics in the house next week. Up to now there wasn't any real Bob vs. Jillian feelings, I think that will all change next episode.

Only one more weigh in until the partners come back. It should be an interesting week, especially for those women who posted big numbers this weigh in.

More to come next week. Off to my Tivo, three hours of Lost and Restaurant Wars on Top Chef! Oh TV, how you soothe my soul.

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