Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Quick Recap of Our Time Apart

I apologize for the lack of blog entries over the holidays. It was a busy season. Here is a quick

Spent two hours Christmas Eve at Target

Celebrated Christmas morning with my husband and the Lady. The Lady's favorite gift? Her pink rubber ball.

Drove to my parents where we stuffed the car with all of the Lady's loot. Drove to my husband's parents where we crammed in the rest of her booty.

Watched an all day House marathon.

Celebrated the Wild Man's 1st B-day then had a mini-Facebook reunion with some of my girlfriends from High School. Stayed out too late then had to drive back up to the in-laws for an afternoon that lacked nap time.

Happy B-day Wild Man!

Took the Lady to her 15 month checkup. 95% for height, yeah I know she looks like she could be two but she isn't, she is just tall!

Drove up to NL to see some of the cousins and have some QT with my grandma. Came home to find my husband had returned our faulty Elmo Live for one that actually opened his mouth--in retrospect we should have just returned the entire thing. There is no volume control and the stories are getting a little tired.

Drove the Lady over to my parents so we could have a PJ party New Year's Eve celebration at my brother's. Unfortunately, the Lady puked twice and my mom had to wash all her clothes and the bedding before ringing in the new year. I made no resolutions this year, I am still trying to check off my list from last year.

New Year's Day: Two words. . . Bones Marathon.

Headed back to the pediatrician on Saturday because the Lady has what is categorized as a "bad cold." That basically means "Sorry, we can't do anything for you--go home with your miserable child." Spent the rest of the weekend with a sick baby, a sick husband, and the beginning of a chest cold. Took the Lady back to the pediatrician yesterday to recheck the cold after she spent all day Monday suction cupped to my body and emanating so much heat I almost forgot that we weren't spending this week in Barbados like we did last year. I also let her watch three hours of Sesame Street in a row.

Finally, the new season of the Biggest Loser started last night and it didn't disappoint--more on that later.

Hope that helped fill in some of the gaps. Stay tuned for more. . .


  1. Welcome back - glad to read your post!

  2. Hope the Lady is feeling much better soon.

  3. I love when you "fill in the gaps". It's so romantic.

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