Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When September Ends

Did everyone make it?

Did you make it through September? The new schedules, the new shoes, the new ways your children have found to prolong getting out of bed, complain about going to school and cause you unwavering anxiety in only the first month of school after a summer of sleeping in and doing pretty much whatever they wanted in the morning?

Did you send them off for the first time? For the third? To a new school? To one you love?

I did.

We are finally getting into some sort of groove at our house. We have double the homework at our house, although the Little Lady's is still pretty much coloring at this point. It has made the evenings go by much quicker. I will admit to nights of wishing my children to bed and clock watching starting at 5:45 when I walk in the door from work, but now, I find myself realizing that after dinner, homework and the occasional bath that it is 7:30 before we have a minute to breathe.Then we have to do reading log.

Oh Rainbow Fairy's how I have missed you and your trite, plot-less adventures.

QT is enjoying school. Did you all see his cute face on the first day? Oh you did? Here is another pic just because. . .

The other night, he crawled into my bed after his sisters were asleep and I was half asleep, put his hands on my face, turned it towards him and said "Let's talk about school, I love the snacks." I love snacks too, QT but it is 9:45 and momma's tired. (I do realize that 9:45 might not seem that late, but I had been a dirty stay out Saturday night and really needed to catch up on some sleep!)

I hope you all are getting through the endless piles of handouts that come home each night, have written your checks for school photos, the $10 wrapping paper for the fundraiser, and the book fair. I hope your kids are liking, loving, managing with all the new that was thrown at them this September and I hope that you, like me, are making the adjustments necessary to send them off every morning ready to start their day. 

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