Monday, July 20, 2009

Beach, Beach and More Beach

It amazes me how much quicker the day actually goes by when you have something to do and people to do it with.

I was lucky enough to spend over a week at the beach in New London and then another long weekend there as well the following week. I have decided that it is much easier to carry on conversations and get things done with three to five other adults in the house and with other kids the Lady can play with.

Granted, I heard her screech "No, mines" about a hundred times a day and some days were easier then others in terms of getting everybody out of the house and to the beach, but just to have the access to the beach, to a park, to a nice neighborhood walk--heck even to a patch of grass bigger than a postage stamp really made all the difference.

For as many people as we packed into the beach house on certain days, it still felt like we had our own space and coming back to the four walls we have surrounded ourselves with for the past five years and realizing that we have to add another babe to the mix is starting to sink in with me.

Powerball--when will you grace me with your sweet lovin?

We are very lucky that for the past 33 years we have spent time at the beach with our family. It is a tradition that my cousins and I are hoping to carry on for at least another 33 years or more. So each July we pack the car and drag all the babies to the beach. Here is a pic of all of the cousins (minus the little mad man who was sleeping).
The Lady, The Big Guy, Bunny, The Twins, The Wild Man, LJ, and the Brown Bear

Here is one of the Mad Man in full NL beach gear.

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