Thursday, July 29, 2010

Apologies and Accolades

I just want to take a moment to formally apologize to my husband for the paragraph I wrote in my last post.

I am somehow uncertain this will be the outcome I am looking for. I am 100% sure that Wubbzy will be playing in the DVD player, but to be ready to go, without 15 extra trips from the house to the car, my husband giving me his not-so-subtle look of "Hurry up Honey, I am ready to explode here, even though you did all of the packing, organizing, cooking and cleaning it takes to get out of the house, and I just packed a bag for myself and put the Ladies in the car, so I can't understand why you aren't quite ready to go, when I am so CLEARLY ready to leave," might not be so obtainable.

I will say that he did take a little offense to that sentence. And why shouldn't he--the punctuation is pretty deplorable! I was just surprised he actually reads this blog.
Anyway, I will say that I am sorry. My husband stepped it up last week. He was responsible for the three B's on my list: Bagels, Beers and Balls (meatballs that is). He went out of his way to make sure that we had everything and he was responsible for actually fitting everything we needed (including the Ladies) into the car.
And if any of you have ever had to pack a froggy potty in your car, you know that it is tough to fit in a place that is accessible and is also not going to rub its froggy potty germs on anything.
One last thing. . . the Lady fell asleep about 15 minutes into the trip. I was able to switch off Wubbzy and finish my book in peace and quiet.


  1. Next time 'Troy' a little tenderness....

  2. Yikes. I am actually pretty convinced that the drama surrounding my packing issues pales in comparison to your brother's.